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Apple / iPhone 3g 8GB Screen Flicker / now out $199 defrauded

1 Phoenix, OR, United States

Watch out giving Apple a credit card number. They use it when they want too...

I had been a happy Apple customer and between my wife and i we both own Iphones. UNTIL NOW

My wifes iphone had a screen that started flickering and we spent 3 hours on with an apple support representative only to be told that the phone needs to be replaced. I thought wow great. Luckily i purchased the AppleCare protection plan. The support person setup a replacement under the applecare plan and said he needed a credit card number incase i never returned the faulty phone. It seemed reasonable at the time so i gave him the number again assuring it would only be charged if i did not return the faulty iphone. Well little did i know that a weeks later i would receive a letter from Apple that i was being charged for the "damaged" iphone. I called to only be told that the phone had "water damage" which only adds insult to an already bad situation. Let me be clear this phone was kept in a case and out of the way of WATER at all times. I was asked did i use it while it was raining??? are you kidding me?? maybe i dropped it in water... umm NO well maybe i spilt something on it. Are you kidding with the price they make you pay for these darn phones it was treated like gold. Kept in a case and well cared for. I asked many times for the proof of water damage. The first time i was told that is Apple Proprietary information. Finally today i get a halfway blurry picture of what i am told is proof of water damage. I have spoken to 2 supervisors at apple support and both tell me that i am out of luck. They make the final decision and i must pay the charge. I am looking for your support and help to get this applecareless issue resolved.

All i would like is what i have paid for a working Iphone and not to be defrauded out of money because they had my credit card "on file". Apple has no authorization to charge my card yet refuses to reverse the charge.

Attached you will find the "proof" of water damage.
Does it show the SN of my old phone? NO
Does it show the damage? NO
Does it show why the screen stopped working? NO
How do i know his was my returned Phone?
I was told this is all they have on file.

Decide for yourself. Is this my returned phone and is there water damage? I ask you the public to speak with your dollars and common cents... Do we stand for apple defrauding customers?? I know i will never purchase another apple product.

My repair ID with apple is D25356865 if Apple wishes to try and reasonable save a few customers and resolve this issue. My contact info is in the file.



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