Apple / Not Honouring Warranty.

Toronto, ON, Canada
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Case #[protected]. I purchased my new MacBookPro on July 16, 2015. Over the course of the first 11 months the computer failed on four different occasions. I was informed by the Apple authorized repair facility that each issue was a manufacturer related defect in the product. It has taken three business weeks each time for the Apple authorized repair facility to repair the computer. I've had to rent a computer for three out of the last 11 months of ownership of my new Apple product to get my work done. This is unacceptable. I called Apple to discuss a complete replacement of the faulty unit under warranty after I dropped my computer off for repair on the last occasion on June 29, 2016. After going through three individuals, being hung up on, transferred to the wrong department, and being refused a Manager. I ultimately was allowed to speak to a Senior Resident Applecare Service Advisor. She said she would escalate my request for a replacement. She then provided me with a bogus email address to contact her, and has since refused to take or return any of my calls to her. This morning, Aug 2, 2016 I called to speak to a Manager about the status of my case. All three individuals I spoke too refused to answer my questions about my case, or put me through to a Manager. Stating that I, "wasn't allowed to speak to a Manager. " The only thing I was told by the last individual who claimed to be a 'Senior Advisor' was that my case had been closed. I would appreciate a proper written explanation from Apple as to why they closed my case, and why I'm not entitled as per the conditions of their written Warranty to a replacement unit? Having a new Apple product fail due to manufacturer defects four times in 11 months is unacceptable. Obviously I purchased a faulty computer. Please do the right thing and replace it immediately.

Aug 02, 2016

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