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I am compelled to write this note because of the disgusting experience I suffered in the hands of apollo hyderabad hospital and its staff.
My details for ease of identification are: -
A) name; - ali faraj awadh
B) ipn; - apji0001899188
C) country; - kenya
D) admission date; - 6/5/2015
E) discharge date; - 21/5/2015

I was handed a questionnaire on my departure from the hospital, I concluded the hospital administration is anxious to get a feedback on the services provided.

I chose to write at length on the issue perchance it may wake the slumbering giant which is, in my view sleeping on its laurels.
My elder brother and his family received excellent service from apollo chennai some 7 years ago. He and some other friends believed, erroneous that comparable standards would be encountered at hyderabad's apollo. Alas, greed and time have eroded this reputation as many people I have recently talked to expressed dissatisfaction with the services and the charges proffered!
I shall now narrate my experience and dissatisfaction.
I entered apollo hyderabad on 6/5/15 with pleural effusion, a condition which causes fluid to accumulate in the lung region. I consulted a pulmonary specialist at the hospital and what followed discredits the profession.
A series of investigations / tests were ordered and it was finally decided that a key - hole surgery to be performed for a biopsy. I was ill - prepared for this as in the course of the surgery, I was turned on the wrong side resulting in the fluid (Which should have been drained first) to weigh on the heart causing it to seize.
General panic and pandemonium ensued in the theatre;the surgery was aborted and I was resuscitated after a while by the grace of god. Another attempt was tried after a few days of recovery to again obtain the needed biopsy, this time was successful; which landed me again in the sicu for the second time.
Unfortunately all the tests and the biopsy results did not come to a conclusive diagnosis.
In all, I spent 4 days after the avoidable abortive surgery and another 4 days after the successful total my "mistreatment" at apollo aggregated to 14 days and I was billed 794, 000 indian rupees, unjustifiably, this I wish to contest for the following reasons: -

A) I was charged for the 4 days in the sicu because of the neglect of the surgeon who did not ensure that my lungs were adequately ventilated and prepared for the operation. My heart seizure that followed was the direct consequence of this oversight and the abortive operation with its preliminary and post surgery tests were in vain.
The charges including those of the sicu resulting from all this avoidable fiasco should have been waived. However, I was saddled thoughtlessly with these charges.
B) casual scrutiny of the bill would reveal an unwarranted, repetitive and multifarious tests that were calculated to buy time for the senior consultant doctor, who preferred, reportedly to deliver academic lectures elsewhere rather that attend expeditiously to the patients. I spent several days awaiting for him and have ended up paying for the time of absence.
C) consultation is charged in minutes! In one instance, per minute I was charged at 1000 indian rupees. What can he achieve in one minute I may ask? Unless this strategy is designed to inflate the bill.

Its perhaps not realised that many of us who travel thousands of kilometres to india searching for medical help irk financing from all possible sources including prevailing upon our relatives. Had we got the resources india is blessed with, we would not subject ourselves to the indignity of begging!!
I abhor practices that are patently exploitative. To incur a bill of 794, 000 rupees within less than a fortnight without a diagnosis and with profiteering practices is unethical and unfair.

Will I recommend apollo hyderabad to anyone? The answer is "no"! I have just met a tanzanian who was disgusted with apollo's demand for an exorbitant deposit for the treatment of her sick 'mother'. She was asked to deposit $13, 000. She naturally went some other hospital. We were compelled to get a discharge because of the alarming escalating costs at apollo. We sought assistance in another hospital and got it. Many others are and will do so if apollo persists with its appalling greed. The total bill we incurred was 300, 000 rupees for a period of 10 days with a conclusive diagnosis, surgery and 4 days in the sicu at the other hospital.
There are many hospitals in india now with comparable resources but with humane and compassionate treatment of their patients. They do not seem to have the same zeal to maximize the "bottom line" at the expense of their poor international patients.
Have I made a case for part refund??

Wake up apollo!!

Jun 30, 2015
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  • Sw
      21st of Jul, 2015

    From my previous experience, , Apollo is doesn't meet the standards of a competent medical facility albeit exhorbitantly charging clients.

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