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Apollo Equipment Repair / fraud of greg mayer

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Apollo equipment repair owned and operated by a fruad
Gregory wayne monzo is not his real name. He changed his name some time ago leaving a criminal trail behind in california, idaho, washington and mostly oregon. Our office knew him as gregory wayne mayer and he has changed up the last name a bit. Other spellings he uses are myer and meyer. He also changes up the middle name and has used a few different ssn. D. O. B. 02/12/1966 in ca.
He has been married several times. Exes include deborah mayer, sally monzo, tiffany rousseau, laura mannlein and patricia hughes. Most of these women have orders for him to stay away do to violence and threats.
Our office completed a full investigation on gregory wayne mayer after he was harassing my boss for two years. After he went to prison in idaho we thought it was over but to this day, he still finds a way to harass us in some way. His m. O. Is to bully and harass then he’ll drag you into court expecting you to put cash in his hands for him to leave you alone. Even then, over time, he will still contact you one way or another to let you know you’re still on his list. If you have an attorney he will bombard their office with calls and emails of lies to overwhelm your attorney’s office. This has been verified by attorneys of his victims.
His criminal background is unbelievable. The fact that he has no fear for law enforcement or the court system makes his victims feel helpless. He will lie to the cops, investigators, and judges to try and make you look like a fool. He will contact your place of work, where you live, friends, family and anyone who will listen. He will have bits of truth about you and mix them with his lies to discredit you. He is very convincing and at first people have no reason to think he is dishonest. He wants the lies he tells to get back to you trying to get you to react. When you react and do something he will file with the courts to harass you even further.
Anyone who has been in his cross hairs knows what I am talking about. Don’t let him near your computer or cellphone. He will use them against you and drive you nuts. During our investigation we contacted court clerks, sheriff offices and police departments in the counties and states mentioned in his criminal records. Most knew him by name and was not surprised to hear he is still at his old tricks. They were also thankful he is not in their jurisdiction any longer. Most described him as a sociopath, terrorist, career criminal, and dangerous. For further information on his background, contact authorities in the counties listed on his extensive criminal record.
I have watched for some time as he has created problems for so many nice people. You can see it in the court records and random posts online. When you contact his victims they can’t believe that the law has not put a stop to him. Remember; don’t engage him that is what he wants you to do.
Greg monzo
Greg gonzo
Greg mayer
Greg mayor
Gregory wayne mayer
Gregory wayne monzo

Apollo Equipment Repair

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  • Ri
      28th of Aug, 2012
    +3 Votes

    100% AGREE. He is an evil person and is very dangerous. If you come into any contact with him, RUN AWAY! He is a real "Mr. Nice Guy" until he he gains your trust. He then takes advantage of your niceness, screws you over, and blames you for all of his problems.

  • To
      30th of May, 2017
    +4 Votes

    @Riverside Bumblebee Greg Mayer/Gonzo is a psychopath !! 100% agree with you!~

  • Do
      16th of May, 2018
    +3 Votes

    @Tony Starke He is now my neighbor and has harrassed everyone around. He's also shared his white supremacy views to all of us in various ways. Since October 2017 he's made all our lives hell.

  • Th
      15th of Jun, 2018
    -2 Votes

    @Doctorwhome Hey Jack are you sure you have the correct information. Might behoove you to keep your trash in your own can.

  • Wa
      12th of Jun, 2013
    +3 Votes

    This guy is a not engage him nor ever do business with him. He will screw you out of your money, never leave you alone. He causes so many problems for good people. It will be a happy day when someone puts his ### in jail for life or as some one else said, he is going to cross the wrong person and they will kick his ###. This guy should never be allowed in any business establishment..he is the biggest LIAR known to man. Look up his criminal history..he is a real ###. He is full of himself..If you cross his path RUN like the wind.. WOMEN do not date this idiot..he will take everything you have and blame you for his problems...

  • To
      30th of May, 2017
    +5 Votes

    @Watching and waiting Yup I swear if anybody is stupid enough to get involved with Greg Mayer/ Gonzo you will be back on this forum going I wish I would have listened to you all!!

  • Th
      7th of Aug, 2013
    -3 Votes

    This posting was placed by a woman known as patricia ann milburn hughes of caldwell, idaho, brother of darin milburn who is a convicted killer. shot and killed a man in cold blood after a disagreement over a drug deal gone bad.
    Patricia ann milburn hughes was the former, and I mean former friend of the person named above who trusted her to perform bookkeeping for his company in idaho, yet in turn, patty ann milburn hughes stole 10's of thousands of dollars from his company account then tried to cover it up by telling lie after lie about this man.
    Patricia ann milburn hughes works for stewart title in boise idaho and does obtain personal information through the data base available to stewart title employees for the purpose of the mortgage industry. she is also known for building files on fellow employees whom she may have a disagreement with or simply does not care for. beware of this wolf in sheeps clothing.

    Darin jay milburn #37994
    Supervising district:
    district 3 caldwell office
    Phone number:
    Supervising officer:
    duin, klayton
    Idoc sentence information
    offense: 2nd degree murder
    sentencing county: canyon
    case no. 92-02812
    sentence satisfaction date: life

  • Ta
      13th of Nov, 2013
    -4 Votes

    Wholly cow. I did not know one could post this kind of exaggerated information on line about someone without actual facts to support such allegations.
    In fact, Greg had worked for me in the past for 6 years and was a very good person, worker, leader and most of all, a great friend. My wife and I treated Greg like family and always will. I find these posts to be somewhat suspicious and more then likely placed there by one of his family members, Dan Monzo. Dan Monzo was sued by Greg several times when he failed to pay back several loans Greg gave to him to help save his home. I was a witness for Greg as I'm the one who wrote the checks for these loans when Greg asked for a draw on his pay to help his brother.
    I say these sound familiar for the fact Dan contacted me and attempted to have Greg fired. I knew his lies were absolutely false and hung up the phone. I do however agree that Greg is a very smart person. That may offend some, yet so be it. Some people simply do not relate to those they find intimidating and Greg is just that if you don't know him.
    I think in reading these posts, we have the pot calling the kettle black.
    My advise to those who fail to think for themselves, judge a person for who he or she is rather then the opinion of some disgruntled individual. No wonder the world is in chaos.
    My advise to Dan Monzo. Get a life and be a brother, not a liar. After all, you have a very long history of theft by deception and a closet full of skeletons yourself.

  • To
      30th of May, 2017
    Best Best Advice +6 Votes

    @Taylor Freezer Inc. This is Greg Mayer/Gonzo posting! Do not believe this post! Greg is a [censor]ing fraud and loser that will be loving [censor] from an Oregon prison soon!!

  • Th
      2nd of Jan, 2014
    -2 Votes

    Well the saga continues with patricia ann miburn hughes. here below, is a picture of her just in case you happen to come across her. beware, her and her family are the milburn clan of caldwell idaho and marsing idaho.
    Her home is located on the southwest corner of west trail way, caldwell idaho 83607 208 407 71xx with a work number @ stewart title of 208 287 xx21. beware: a wolfe in seeps clothing and the sister of a known killer. darin milburn. killed an innocent man in cold blood over a drug deal gone bad, yet it was known that brother michael milburn of marsing idaho was the actual shoter who fired the fatal second shot.
    Should you cross their path and things go wrong, they will hunt you down and bring harm to you and your family.

  • Th
      2nd of Jan, 2014
    -2 Votes

    These are just a couple more pictures of her and her victims...

  • To
      30th of May, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @the_consumer_one_2011 Greg Mayer/ Gonzo is a loser

  • Th
      4th of Aug, 2014
    -1 Votes

    Looks like someone hit a nerve. Too bad for you.

  • To
      30th of May, 2017
    +3 Votes

    @the_consumer_one_2011 This guy is a loser. Stay away from Greg Mayer/Gonzo!!

  • To
      30th of May, 2017
    +3 Votes

    This guy is a [censor]ing loser pos! Stay far away from this criminal! He will bring down you and all those around you. He is a wanted fugitive as we speak May 30 2017 up in Oregon! If spotted report immediately to the local police!!

  • Gr
      19th of Jan, 2019
    +1 Votes

    Found Greg Monzo!! If anybody needs to serve Greg here is his address.
    15541 SE Pebble Lane
    Damascus OR 97089

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