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Anytime Fitness / took 6 months to cancel

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My contract states that I would not be automatically renewed when my contract expired. Guess what? It was automatically renewed. I first contacted my individual AF branch and asked to took 3 months for them to respond to me. Apparently no one at White Bear returns phone calls. When they finally called back after sending several letters they said I would need to contact Apex Mgmt. I did. However, Apex needed something in writing. So I faxed over a signed cancellation notice. "They never received it." I faxed a 2nd and a 3rd notice. I just called and I still owe for those months in between when they never received my notice. Hopefully I won’t get charged again in July. I will not recommend this gym to anyone.

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  • No
      14th of Aug, 2008
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    I signed a contract that was explained to me to be a contract living out a contract with a previous gym that Anytime had bought out, six months later when I had moved I was told that the contract I did sign was an eighteen month contract with no early termination possible. After that I read and reread my contract to make sure I didn’t miss anything else. When my contract with Anytime expired I was still being billed and when I called to get refunded I was told that not only would I not be refunded but that I was automatically billed every month after my contract was expired until I sent a written notice starting that I wanted my membership canceled. So I sent a fax in April and was confirmed that the fax went through. Four months later when I noticed that I was still being billed I called and not only was I treated like an idiot but they refused to cancel until I sent another written notice. I demanded to talk to a manager; I was connected to Jonah who was Operations Manager. When I explained to him that I thought it should be illegal to have me spend money to cancel a service that I no longer use he “made an exception” and allowed me to e-mail him a notice that I wanted my membership canceled. I recommend that anyone that is having problems canceling to e-mail him personally. I do not feel anyone should have to use their minutes, money or time canceling any contract. His e-mail is,
    I just wish I could tell the mass population about Apex and their devious ways.

  • Ni
      8th of Oct, 2008
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    I signed a contract with Anytime Fitness over a year ago. Well, I ran into some financial issues due to a previous employer bouncing 2 of my payroll checks. I called spoke to a woman from the gym and she told me she would freeze my account for 3 months so the money wouldn't come out of my checking account. Well, appearantly, they can't do that, but no one told me. So, they continued to take money, that wasn't there out. I tried calling them back in May of 2008 and just now got a call's October!! Now, they're saying I can't cancel! I understand they have policies..but had they not messed up my checking account in the first place, it never would have happened. They now want my new account info and I refuse to give it to them. I don't recommend this gym to anyone. They cheat you and lay down a bunch of fine print! It's bull!

    By the way, thank you Noelle for the e-mail address...I'll use it for sure.

  • An
      11th of Nov, 2008
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    Do not sign up with Anytime Fitness. They will not cancel your membership if you do not fill out paperwork in person and wait 30 days before canceling your account. Typical fitness club scam.

  • Er
      4th of Dec, 2008
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    I submitted a written cancellation notice in person to the Anytime Fitness in Kennesaw, GA. The billing company says that they do not have a record of the cancellation. However, the guy who accepted my written cancellation has confirmed that I did cancel within the 30 days required notice -- and I have two witnesses to the conversation. They continue to bill me and have told me that I should take the situation up with my gym management. I am not sure what I can do to cancel this membership. I guess this is why gyms have such a poor business reputation.

  • Da
      1st of Mar, 2009
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    Same thing has happened to me here in Nixa, MO. A few months back I fell on some financial hardships. I tried to suspend my membership as I was told I would be able to in these situations. It was not suspended although I requested it. They withdrew from my account causing a ton more checking account problems. Since then I have been trying to cancel.

    I was told by one lady who answered the phone that I could simply mail in my cancellation request and all would be fine. Well, she neglected to remind me of the 30-day stipulation I agreed to when I signed my six month contract last summer. So I mailed it in a few weeks ago, thinking finally I had finally canceled my damn membership and I was a free man.

    But no, that's of course not what happened. I checked my account today and they took another 40 bucks for March. Now keep in mind I have not been working out there for months now (I went to another place across town that doesn't have all this b.s.) but I've been paying for it.

    Anytime fitness like the others have a damned rip-off. They have their contract loaded down with fine-print. They promise they'll work with you in down times, but do they? No. They do everything they can to "abide by the contract" so they can squeeze of last cent out of you.

    If you want to stay fit, DO NOT JOIN ANYTIME FITNESS. DON'T DO IT. SERIOUSLY. Go find a decent place where you can pay month to month.

  • Di
      4th of Apr, 2009
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    You are way to funny, you have one bad experience at a locally owned franchise and blame over 1, 000 Anytime Fitnesses of doing the same. I would say 99.9% of gyms have a 30 day cancel notice some 60 or 90. And I would say if they froze your account they will still take the monthly payment out but you will have your time saved. most gyms charge about a dollar a day or a little more for memberhips. If businesses allowed members/customers out of the agreements or pay their bills how many do you think would be out of business.

    Thats why you ALWAYS ask what the contract states, you signed it you are bound by it, but they should be able to work with you.

  • Wk
      15th of May, 2009
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    3 years after I cancelled my membership with Anytime Fitness, I got a call last week. From who? AR. Not ABC Financial. It is illegal for collection calls to be harassing or threatening, however last week I was threatened, harassed, smarted off to, and mocked. The representative would NOT give me their name nor a letter head of who they represent and what they are requesting. The location nearest me which I had the membership was not helpful in any form. They acted as if they could care less and it wasn't there problem. Well it is there problem because Anytime Fitness and ABC Financial are partners. Futhermore, the corporate contact form on their website does NOT even work! Therefore, I'm filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against both Anytime Fitness and ABC Financial. And the forums I have found online with similar complaints I will inform on how to file complaints to the Better Business Bureau.

    Here's the link to file a complaint. I urge you all to exercise your rights:

  • Br
      16th of May, 2009
    +2 Votes

    You are dealing with local owner of the Anytime fitness franchise NOT Anytime Fitness Corporation- Collections is also based what the local franchisee owner does NOT Anytime fitness corp.. IF you have complaints go to the gym you have the issues with and find out who the owner is and file complaints agianst them. You can also send info to Anytime Corporate because they will look into the issue if you have . ABC will not do anything unless the Franchisee owner or manager of that specific club tells them too...

    The BBB I have found over the years hasnt helped me very much with complaints on companies..

    Again it comes down the local owner- and if you have a valid argument-

    Such as did you send in your 30 day cancel notice? did you keep a copy? did you ever fall behind on your account and had late payments?

    The collection company from which you are receiving the calls is not affiliated with Anytime Fitness or ABC I am sure they work for the owner of the club.

  • Us
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    the fact that's you're dealing with a franchise owner is really the worst part. i feel like i bought into a pyramid scheme that i can't get out of. like once that get your info the phone never gets picked up, your calls never get returned and everything is just a verbal promise to get you off the phone so they can go back to not answering it.

    considering all these similar complaints, it like they're training the owners to run their business like a pyramid scheme and we're all suckers.

  • Dv
      22nd of Sep, 2009
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    I recently had an attorney review my copy of the Anytime Fitness membership dated 1/19/07. He informed me that nowhere on the agreement does it state that it will automatically renew. It clearly states that the membership and all financial obligations/payments expire on 1/19/09. There is a renewal program options which is listed but it is not an automatic agreement to renew. The renewal option clearly states that "you may retain use of all privileges by renewing on or before 1/19/09". Since I did not renew my membership agreement by 1/19/09 per the renewal options the membership agreement dated 1/19/07 became null and void as of 1/19/09. This also means that any funds transferred out of my checking account by ABC Financial after 1/19/09 was done so without my written permission.

    I am still in the process of dealing with this but hope this helps anyone who is having an issue with getting billed by ABC Financial after the agreement has expired.
    (Assuming that a similarly worded agreement form was used.)

  • Dv
      20th of Oct, 2009
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    Just a follow up.

    After sending letters to my local ATF, ABC Financial and the ATF corporate office my local ATF contacted me to tell me they would take care of my account. I asked for and received a letter stating my account with ABC Financial and the collection agency has been taken care of. About 2 days later the calls from the collection agency stopped. I am going to have my credit reports run to see if the collection agency claim is on it. If so I will forward the letter to the 3 credit agencies showing that the account has been taken care of.

    My experience with the local ATF was great when I did use the club. It is just unfortunate that the billing company they use (ABC Financial) has some less than ethical practices

  • Co
      31st of Oct, 2009
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    I have been working out at Anytime Fitness for nearly 5 years now.
    I have used approximately 8 locations.
    Many of my friends and family are also active members.
    Everyone I know is very happy with Anytime Fitness = No issues.
    The only complaints I have ever heard are on this complaint site.
    I have and will continue to recommend everyone I talk with to join Anytime Fitness.

  • Jo
      20th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Anytime Fitness is a scam. I qualified for cancellation due to the fact that I was moving 1800 miles away due to job relocation. The nearest club was over 15 miles one way from my new address. I provided them with accurate documentation (utility bill) and they refused to allow me to cancell. They tried to say I wasnt 15 miles from nearest club (I used Mapquest) and wouldnt let me out of contract. My advice is: Dont get involved with these people, they are a very desperate unethical poorly managed company. I will probably need to contact a lawyer to ensure they go away permanently and dont try anymore funny stuff. What this realy demonstrates is that they would rather screw people than attempt to try to do the right thing. The good thing is that the more they conduct business this way the more people will learn and just plain not do business with them. I wouldnt recommend this clown company to anyone I like!

  • Ch
      8th of Jul, 2010
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    Did anyone ever take legal actions to settle their problems with Anytime trashness?

  • Ce
      19th of Jul, 2010
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    After working in the fitness industry, I can say with 99% certainty that the majority of complaints posted here are made by overweight people who want to cancel their membership because it cut into their fast food and Pepsi Budget. You sign an agreement when you buy a car, buy a phone, start internet service, etc., etc, etc, . Using a health clubs services is no different. If you guys would put the damned cookies down you may hit some of your fitness goals and stop complaining about paying a dollar a day for a fitness club membership.

  • Nj
      9th of Nov, 2010
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    For those of you who have complaints with Anytime Fitness, was the reason given that it was company policy or corporate policy. I am investigating opening up an Anytime Fitness, and am trying to get as much info as I can about that company. Any and all replies are welcome. Please reply by posting to this board, and I will get notification that a post has been made.

  • So
      24th of Nov, 2010
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    I signed up and was rushed through the contract portion in order to be able to have 10 minutes with the co-owner in order to see the equipment as the owners wanted to leave. I mistakenly (my bad) signed the autorenewal and in March of 2010 my contract should have been over. When I went to return the key, the key would not open the door, so I assumed ( oops, wrong again!) that my contract had expired and my key deactivated. Now, 8 months later, the company is still taking money from my account and I am told the only thing they will do is offer me a free year at AF. Hmmmmm...time for someone to look into the AF billing practices...

  • Ni
      14th of Oct, 2012
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    Anytime fitness uses unethical and illegal business practices. I never signed a contract or became a member in anyway, shape or form yet today I got an alert that a new account was added to my credit report. I checked and apparently Anytime fitness has taken the liberty to fraudulently create an account using my information, has not contacted me and now turned this account (which is not mine and I did not authorize) over to a collection agency.

    This is identity theft, illegal and unethical to say the least. Now I must spend my time to fight and have this removed from my credit. I also will be pursuing legal action against Anytime fitness for fraud.

  • Th
      1st of Nov, 2012
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    Make sure you also obtain a police fraud / ID Theft crime report

  • Jo
      12th of Jan, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Some of these posts are utterly ridiculous. Nick Gio, I bet you are right. I bet the Franchise owner of that Anytime decided to steal your identity and risk his entire business for it. There is no way it could have been an identity thief... They are so ethical. You all need to grow up. You made a choice to join a gym. You then chose to quit and cry about it. When I signed a contract for the Marines I saw a crap ton of people just like you. Guess what though, they served 4 years of their life anyway. Most of which would tell you they wouldnt change for the world looking back. So stop crying about a contract you either did not read, or read and decided to sign anyway. I went to collections for a gym once. It was MY fault! I forgot to transfer my info to my reissued bank card that I lost while being away from home. I bet half of you chain smoke like 2 packs a day and are the same ones crying about the dollar a day you pay someone to keep a gym open for your use WHENEVER you want or need it! Cry babies. I try to find USEFUL info online and I have to sift through all of this garbage. Youre pathetic if you cant take responsibility for yourself and your own actions.

  • Ch
      12th of May, 2017
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