Anthropologie / personal check refused

Madison, WI, United States

I am 70 years old and was purchasing a birthday-gift for myself. My surprise when my check was refused was embarrassing, disrespectful and uncalled for. I have never had a check refused in the 55 years I have been writing them, . I called your 800 # and was amazed to hear that this is not a common occurrence with your co.what in the world would make you refuse my x. The excuse that it is for my protection!!! I called my bank and ask them if they could explain this so the clerk helping me would also understand. The bank was also at a loss as to your refusal. It was my first time in this store and may be my last. I would like an apology and the store informed of my honesty having funds in my account when i write a check. Alice Model

Mar 16, 2013

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