Anthropologie / horrible customer service - managers are worse

ONLINE RETAILER, Reston, VA, United States

I ordered a top by calling and had to hold a half hour to have this stupid rep put the wrong size in. I specifically asked for a size 4 petite...And an email confirmation that the order went thru..Nothing came. I checked my anthro account to see she put a regular 4 in the system. I had to call back and hold another 30 minutes on new years day - my day off...To deal with a little college brat manager named "dominick" who told me he could not change the size..Only cancel the order and charge me a second time, tying up my money for a second charge that should not have occurred due to anthropologie's mistakes. I was not tying up my money again a second time and i was very clear i wanted my order canceled..He was a smart as$$ and didnt cancel the order after i spent an hour on the phone dealing with this to end up with no top at all because i would not allow anthro to hold more of my money due to their err. I got no cancel notice and checked my account numerous times to see this jer*weed never canceled it in the system which is malice and pure unprofessionalism on anthro's part. Ive sent many cancel requests now via email but if history repeats itself they will conveniently not reply and allow this item to ship - i will not be returning this top to anthro using my gas and ore of my time and energy on this. If they send me this top i am keeping it which is useless anyway because its the wrong size and i am filing fraud with my bank and i am done with them after the way i was treated. This was the second order i placed today..This morning i spent $230 - this was in addition to that and ive spent thousands of dollars in the last 3 years to get nothing but ignored and hassle. This store thinks they are a monoloy and can mistreat consumers and still get business. Not me..This did me in today and i was very clear in my question to this "dominick" and asked if he'd rather lose my business entirely than offer a more fair resolution and he said yes he will lose the business because all he could do is cancel the order and leave the charge as pending with my bank for me to charge my card a second time for the right size when his rep did not get my order right. There is something wrong with this company. I am done.

Jan 01, 2016

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