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Vijayawada, India
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I purchased a bus ticket on 20-01-2017 bearing no:[protected] costed me Rs.640-00 for a travel from Vijayawada to Hyderabad on 21-01-2017 in Service No:4294. On 21-01-2017 at 17:51 Hrs (IST), I received a message from APSRTC stating that, the service in which I booked my ticket was cancelled and suggested me to cancel the ticket on or before 05-02-2017 for getting full refund. I could cancel the ticket on 23-01-2017 thinking that I will be getting full amount of purchase, since I am not at fault in cancelling either the ticket or the Service . But, when I cancelled the ticket, to my surprise, I noticed that I will be getting a refund of only Rs.629-00. When I have gone to the details, I could see that a service charge of Rs.10-00 and Levy of Rs.1-00 was deducted from my refund amount. How ever the amount is less to me, this is an unethical deduction by APSRTC. For the fault of APSRTC in cancelling the Service No:4294 on 21-01-2017, I was made to pay the penalty.

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    Yesterday i.e. on 22nd Jan 2017, I traveled in APSRTC INDRA Bus from Hyderabad(MGBS) to Vijayawada in Service No:3395 with ticket no:60166947. Immediately after the journey was started, the Coach attendant came selling snacks in the running bus. I took one LAYS packet and the coach attendant charged me Rs.30/- (He is supposed to charge only Rs.20/- as I bought the same flavored and sized packet for Rs.20/- while travelling from Vijayawada to Hyderabad in APSRTC Amaravathi Bus. The coach attendant strictly demanded the additional Rs.10/- for the small packet of LAYS.
    Apart from this, the Bus Crew halted the bus at 19:30 Hrs before Suryapet at a Restaurant (Photo attached)and forced the passengers to have their Dinner stating that the bus will not be stopped till it reaches Vijayawada. Also the Bus Crew ignored and rejected the requests of passengers to stop the bus for dinner at around 20:30 Hrs instead 19:30 Hrs. The prices of all items in the Restaurant are high and the shop keepers at the Restaurant are selling the eatables and consumables at a price of 10 to 15% more than the MRP (Maximum Retail Price). Even Tea in a very small cup which contains 50 to 60 ml was charged Rs.10/- (In cities, 100 ml tea would be costing Rs.5/- to 7/-). Surprisingly, there were no other Restaurants or shops in the vicinity, hence, the passengers are forced to buy their needs at very higher prices. On inquiry, it came to know that, the Restaurant owner will serve free food and other incentives to the Bus Crew. So, the passengers are being exploited by the Bus Crew for getting their free meal and other incentives from the owner of the Restaurant. APSRTC is legally exploiting the passengers and the Bus Crew are also doing the same in their own fashion. Where are the ethics ?

    unethical behavior of bus crew and apsrtc
Jan 22, 2017

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