Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation [APSRTC]apsrtc suplux bus

I did reservation for APSRTC bus from bnglr to tpt. But due to some reasons the bus I reserved didn't came and they informed me to board other bus by giving it's number (service code: 3765, BNGLR, majestic to VJA). When I board that bus, the conductor told that they didn't obtain any info and started arguing. Not only this, he stopped the bus for hours to load the [censor] on the bus. When the passengers asked the conductor then also he started arguing.
So, my kind suggestion is to look up on the conductor and drivers. And try to bring co-ordination in the management. Plz Don't bring inconvenience to the passengers. that's all what we need.

Feb 11, 2018

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