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Andersen Windows / Do not honor warranty!

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During the late 1980’s and early 1990s Andersen had a factory quality problem. The vinyl sash frames cracked on some of their windows.

Last June an Andersen Window technician did warranty work at my home. Andersen provided 13 new sashes which he installed.

During a subsequent storm with wind and rain, several of the new sashes leaked water. The water comes between the sash frame and the glass. During the time of the storm, it just so happens that a local authorized Andersen dealer technician was at my house doing some installation work for me. He witnessed the water coming in (around the glass on the new sashes) and said it’s obviously a factory defect. I might add that he has been to the Andersen factory to watch their processes. He said it is evident the glue was improperly applied; gaps in the glue allowing water to infiltrate around the glass.

I have called and written to Andersen numerous times. Their response is “We do NOT warranty any of our work done under a previous warranty.” I find this to be incredible. In other words, they can use defective windows to do their warranty work, knowing the windows will fail and the consumer is stuck!!!

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  • De
      21st of Mar, 2011
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    I purchased Anderson Sliding doors-two fixed position and two sliders
    and within the warranty period all four units leaked causing into the
    lower condo unit creating minor damage. The doors had the vinyl clad on the outside and the separation of the vinyl from the wood created the leakage. I had two separate contractors check the caulking and installation in addition to two separate building inspectors, none picked up on the defect. Thus the defect wasn't reported to Anderson until months after the warranty expiration.
    Anderson offered a partial discount on new but I believe since this is a defective product which failed during warranty I'm entitled to replacement. I'm not looking for damages to the lower unit. As all four windows failed, it's obviously a manufacturing defect.

    expiration of warrenty

  • Em
      31st of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    To all the ignorant people out there...educate yourself about your warranties and reputable contractors in your area so when it comes to diagnosing problems with your windows and doors it can be done correctly. Just because someone is a contractor or inspector doesn't mean they know what they are doing when it come to diagnosing problems.On another note I find it really funny that Jim Edgar, after being in the business for 46 years, doesn't even have a good enough relationship with his dealers or Andersen reps in the area to help him out. Is it your hard to deal with?

  • Sa
      4th of Apr, 2011
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    In 2003 purchased a patio door warrenty stated 10 year coverage on hardware -handle finish came off called company stated that that color was not covered along with certain other colors- why didn't they state that when I purchased the product the brochure said no such thing-would cost me double the original amount to replace item.
    Sadly Misled

  • M1
      12th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    My house was built in 1988, 15 Andersen double hungs were installed. They are all leaking water at the seams of the vinyl wrapping, which caused the frames and sills to soak with water and rot. I too, thought I was installing a window that was a maintenance free lifetime window at a premium price. Now they all need to be replaced, estimates are around $15000. Andersen says 20 years is good life for a window. The house next door was built in 1735, stil has original windows. My daughter's house, around 1900, still original windows. Had I known Andersen windows were 20 year units (I am sure they have been leaking for many years, however it was not noticable due to the vinyl cover), I would have selected a different brand.

  • An
      23rd of May, 2011
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    First a disclaimer: I am a current Andersen employee and have been for some time. I work in one of their factories manufacturing a variety of their windows. I can't speak to the warranty part of any complaint with Andersen as that is a customer service issue, however I have heard from several of my friends who have purchased Andersen windows that when a problem does arise, it doesn't stay a problem for long as Andersen solves it very quickly. What I can speak to is the quality of manufacturing that goes into one of their windows. I can and will put my word on the line that this company actually cares about what they send out the door. Obviously with any large manufacturing corporation there will be some emphasis on numbers over quality, however I cannot tell you how many windows I have had to remake because of the slightest defect on the unit that the company deemed was unacceptable (such as too many nail holes in the vinyl liner). In my 10+ years of experience manufacturing their windows, I have NEVER seen ANY window shipped out that has a major defect in it such as a large hole in the vinyl that doesn't belong . Granted some minor mistakes are made, such as small holes (like smaller than a pinhead) in the corners of the vinyl being overlooked, which is a VERY easy thing to miss when working on a high output line as anybody who has worked on window manufacturing lines can attest to. (I have friends who work at a small competing window company in the area who deal with the same problem) If and when a problem does arise the higher ups do a very good job of letting us know what the problem was and how to avoid it in the future. Again, I AM a happy Andersen employee and I have no experience on the warranty side of the window, but as to the manufacturing quality; it is very high. If anything they worry TOO much about quality as we always seem to be behind on orders because they keep telling us to slow down so we can look the window over to make sure nothing's wrong with it. I also believe that with any high value purchase, research needs to be done and questions need to be asked. If you feel Andersen isn't the window for you than move on, however I strongly believe that if you research Andersen you'll find that the happy customers outnumber the unhappy ones a great deal. And any large company, such as Andersen, is going to have unhappy customers.

  • Ma
      3rd of Aug, 2011
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    Please do not do business with this company that makes such junk. I bought an Anderson Storm 3000 model door in May 2008 and the window frame plastic has fallen apart, warped and cracked in less than two years. I put up with it but then the screen handle metal lock literally fell on the floor one day last year and I was so shocked to discovered the only thing that was holding it on all this time was some piece of double sided tape, seriously that is not even logical let alone secure!!! What were they thinking? Who would get away with designing the taping on a lock and selling it? So if the main door is locked by the key you can slide the window with your hands, since the lock just fell off, and there is no way to fix it or replace it securely, I can help but wonder what engineer thought to tape a lock into place?
    So I called customer rep to finally complain and they said they realized the issue and now have designed the lock, that now actually screws into the door frame (it is really attached now, what a novel idea!) And now I can have the privilege to buy that replacement to fix that issue for a mere 27 dollars, and the window frame piece for 18. So for 45 bucks with tax the new "lock assembly" arrived and I was now shocked again, the lock is now also cheap plastic, not even a metal lock. So I had to think so what if this new lock actually really screws in, it is PLASTIC folks, the door frame is the same junk quality plastic, crap that warped and cracked previously in only two years time with little use. I am very unhappy I spend a lousy 45 bucks for cheap inexpensive plastic pieces to fix their really bad door.
    What a loser company, don't waste your time please save yourself the heart aches. I also asked for the manager, as the customer rep was not helpful, I complained to the manager and was given the "we are so sorry for your inconvenience " routine over and over no matter what I complaint I shared, but they were not going to help do anything to fix it or offer anything but to offer me the deal to buy their junk solution for 45 bucks. Of course they never mentioned the lock solution they offer to fix the problem was also just a junk plastic piece and not even metal when they tell you it is priced at 27 dollars! So, even now they acknowledge their design flaw regarding the two sided tape... is a metal lock that actually attaches to the door too much to ask for a 27 dollar replacement I had to pay for to replace the tape? I even mentioned I would write bad reviews about their products to let everyone know about these issues and that did not faze them at all…. Buyers beware.

  • Do
      27th of Mar, 2012
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    I built a house in 2005 using all Anderson windows, except for two, they were pace windows, you tell me my house is to air tight I run two dehumidifiers and a air exchanger and they still condensate and are molding and rotting at the sill, the outside sashes are falling off and 3 of the 8 leak real bad, now for the pace windows same wood sash in perfect condition no issues what so ever . Windows are left wide open, meaning no blinds or curtains and they still ice and sweat up, I can cover the pace windows and they do not ice or sweat and they were to of the cheaper windows . Please explain !!

  • Mr
      26th of Apr, 2012
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    This just sounds like best Buy...if something goes wrong with a product you buy from them and it is still under warranty...even if you still had a year of the warranty must by new warranty as once you get a repair, the old warranty is null and void...good money making scam. But I don't think that Anderson doors is stupid...their doors and windows were installed in the houses around were I live...and if you want to replace a door for a new door...because of the oddball sizing...the only thing you can replace it with got it...another Anderson door, unless you have the cash to get someone to come in and completely redo the rough opening for you. NExt time I buy a new house I am sure to check to make sure the windows and doors are of STANDARD sizing...and it better not come with the name Andersen!!!

  • Un
      24th of May, 2012
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    We don't have a complaint against Andersen Windows but the grids are beyond ridiculous!!! We built our home and installed 67 Andersen windows all will decorative grids. To date we have had a problem with removing and replacing the grids. We have broken many of them and have resorted to just slapping them back up piecemeal until the next time the windows need cleaning. They are absolutely impossible to take out and put back in after washing the windows. We cannot have a window washing service come to do our windows because they are so rough with the grids that we're sure there would be many more broken grids. The better solution would have been placing the grids sandwiched in between the two panes of glass. The frustration is not worth the extra money and effort.

  • Yo
      24th of May, 2012
    +1 Votes

    We built our house 30 years ago and used all Anderson windows. The vinyl on the outside of the windows is cracking and peeling, basically disintegrating. When we chose Anderson, we believed these windows would last the life of our home. We are very disappointed and don't know what to do, since there is no warranty.

  • Ch
      23rd of Jun, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Brand new house. 1 year old. Many wooden double hung. All are loose and leaking wind and dirt. So far Anderson is totally stonewalling me. These windows suck and they don't want to help.

  • Sv
      26th of Aug, 2012
    +1 Votes

    i know one of the service techs and i hear a lot of issues dealing with warranty work with this company, They charge such high rates for labor that basically the customer cannot afford it.
    They have many issues, this company. They may be a large company, but they have let go of
    standing behind their products and trying to put the customer first. Remember them, the customer.? These companys become to big and loose something along the way. wake up,
    you can loose it all tomorrow. .

  • Df
      11th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    We built our house 18 yrs ago and installed all Andersen double hung "Permashield" windows. Like others, we were led to believe these would windows would last. We have so far replaced 3 of the windows due to the so called "Permashield" coating cracking on the outside and allowing the wood to rot. To those who say you can't expect a window to last a lifetime...I expect a window that is vinyl clad to last...after all you CANNOT paint them or seal them periodically like a wood window without the shield. In other words you CANNOT do any maintenance on them that you would if they were not "protected" from the elements. AND we paid a premium price for them! I am writing to the company and including pictures of the rotted windows...for all the good it will do!

  • Rb
      12th of Dec, 2012
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    I have a house on the Oregon Coast with 34 Andersen windows installed in 1989 during a major remodel, we added 17 more Andersen windows in 2004 with an addition. Two of the Original windows failed in 2005 and were replaced with no problem under warranty, I had to pay to have them installed. Three door panels installed in 2004 delamainated and the dosrs were replaced in 2007 with Andersen picking up the labor and materials. Last month one of the doors installed under warranty in 2007 failed, Andersen is replacing the door but is charging me $245 labor to replace it. The windows are are holding up well, but he door panels delaminating is caused by a manufacturing defect and Andersen needs to pick up the tab. In addition when the doors are replaced the interior wood has to be refinished at my cost. I am now waiting for the other two door panels replaced in 2007 to delaminate. What is my recouse when they fail outside of the warranty period?

  • Pa
      16th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    I just built a home 2012... And YES I ALSO THOUGHT ANDERSON WINDOWS ""WHERE" suppose to be a good company... Well my story started 10 months ago during a storm that water was pouring through the huge 6 pain window we had purchased from Anderson. I called Anderson that night Oct. 29 2012. and I was given a repair guys phone number to contact. He did come out first thing in the morning.. I was told that there was no SEALENT BETWEEN the windows when they where all put together.. I had 3 large double hung and 1 large arch that also had 3 pains of glass at the top all boxed up together with NO NOTICE TO THE INSTALLERS that this window needed to be sealed..."" in between each section"".PRIOR TO INSTALLING !!! That is just NUTS !! Anderson needs to notify the consumer that when they buy their windows, the consumer is responsible to finish weather proofing in between the sections.. I would of bought a window somewhere else... Now I have a window 1 year old that is warped with water damage, that it's my fault I should of known to weather proof this window... PRIOR TO INSTALLING !!!

  • Ja
      21st of Jan, 2013
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    In 1989, we installed 23 Andersen Perma-shield Narroline vinyl clad windows throughout our house. In 2007 while sweeping our deck, the broom went through the siding and we found the bottom sill of the kitchen nook windows/ (plus frame & siding) deteriorated from water (you could squeeze the sill and water would come out). The trail of the water damage started at each corner of the bottom side sills of the windows (before dismantling, the windows looked perfect and the only sign of any problem was a slight discoloration on the inside wood sash).
    At first Andersen said via phone it was an installation problem. After we had an independent business inspect the damage, they stated no error in installation but "The wood frame under the sill cladding is nearly completely deteriorated. The most obvious location for the water to enter is at the junction of the exterior cladding where the jamb cladding meets the sill cladding. All the windows have a gap in this lower corner ranging from 1/16" to 3/16". The design shows no attempt to caulk these during manufacturing or any type of counter flashing to create an overlap." We contacted Andersen again and after several months they finally sent someone to take a look at the problem. Their answer was our "limited warranty had expired". They offered a goodwill payment of $600 contingent upon us signing a release of all claims against them. The amount was to go towards two of the eight kitchen nook windows we replaced, but to us, this was an insult and we did not accept it.
    We purchased the windows because of their advertisement of permanence: "since windows become a virtually permanent member of your home once they are installed" & "tough long lasting Perma Shield Vinyl on frame exterior". Nowhere did we see an advertisement of a limited warranty of 10-20 years. (Who in their right mind would put in windows which would last only 10-20 years!!!). Plus their advertisement (which I still have) states "All weather exposed parts of perma shield window and gliding door frames are also covered with vinyl to provide a weather lock between the window and your house". Although their advertisement (copyright 1982) shows vinyl on the sill sides, ours did not come as such, which we believe is causing the water to get inside the wood core and rot from the inside out.
    Today, we just had to replace another window because of inside wood discoloration and found the same deterioration as we found in 2007. There is also an area of water damage below another window which we have not yet torn apart, but will in a few weeks. Wish we had never heard about Andersen windows and had gone with a less expensive brand which would have lasted about as long as the Andersen windows!!! Janet Engler, Chehalis, Washington

  • Jo
      11th of Feb, 2013
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    Andersen Windows - Do not honor warranty
    United States

    I recently attempted to get warranty service on my Andersen windows which were installed in my newly constructed house only seven years ago. Since the first winter, the windows have leaked air which caused terrible moisture build up which led to mold growth. My builder said that this would eventually go away as the house ages, well its only gotten worse! When I contacted Andersen, they told me that my windows were still under warranty, but the problem I have is not their issue, I have too much humidity in the house! I run a dehumidifier, so I know that it is not the problem. I just want to warn everyone who is considering new construction, to avoid choosing Andersen windows as they will not honor their warranty on their inferior windows! Buyer beware.

  • Jo
      11th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    Totally agree, Andersen products are junk!

  • Wi
      14th of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    Ok, you complainers may want to make SURE you're thinking of the right manufacturer. AndersOn did have a lot of complaints, and I believe is no longer in business. If you're referring to AndersEn, at least have the sense to spell it right...

  • Be
      11th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    I see complaints about Andersen windows, spelled Anderson, and I know there is a cheaper window called Anderson. I am thinking many of the complaints here may be against Anderson, not Andersen, but the people complaining are not aware there are two different companies, named Andersen and Anderson.

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