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There is also another thing that surprised me very
I have written 8 ID. numbers down on girls who have a profile on Anastasiadate.
All 8 girls are very young and very pretty girls.
The girls I watched it last year and a half. I would argue that the 8 girls the last year and a half, have their profile on Anastasia open almost 24 hours a day. I have spoken and written with them in Anastasia.
I have also contacted them of the 8 girls who have a profile on but did not hear from them again
I think it's very strange that the 8 girls not long ago has found a girlfriend. All the girls are very atraktive and pretty girls
I am sure the 8 girls only write or talk on anastasa because they make money

Apr 04, 2013
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  • An
      Apr 15, 2013

    Hello Lars,

    Please contact us to assist. I need to know which ladies to investigate. I need more information. Ladies don't make money using our site nor are they employees in any way. If any lady has stated otherwise, likewise let me know. I look forward to your call.

    AnastasiaDate Customer Service
    +1 (800) 356-3130
    +1 (800) 234-0036

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  • La
      Apr 15, 2013

    Okay - you get their ID.numre here on this page
    Reply Anastasia. All girls are very much online on Anastasia, and I've been watching them the last 1 ½ years.
    I doubt that these girls are interested in finding a boyfriend. I'm sure all the girls long ago would have found himself a girlfriend if they were really interested.
    Then I think that many of those 8 girls just are online for fun.
    And I am sure there is many others girls as is online on Anastasia only for fun.
    With the expensive prices Anastasia takes should we have a guarantee for that the girls on Anastasia really are interested in a boyfriend of the appropriate age. One might create a page for girls who are not interested in finding a boyfriend and a page for girls who really want a serious wish a boyfriend. Here is their ID numbers 1681695 -1.681.577 - 1, 649, 574 to 1, 665, 989 - 1, 676, 488 to 1, 140, 525 - 1, 084, 567 - 1, 673, 240 - Hey from Lars

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