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1 Ipoh, Perak., Malaysia Review updated:
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I am totally very sad and very hurt for this lady.
Seem at 2013 acquaintance with her until 2015 December end almost new year eve.
She remain still treat and playing games with gentlemen a affection, gentlemen around the world when you saw this lady in Anastasia date or other dating site must be avoid her. she is a scammer.
Now, I describe short and fact here.
firstly, we communicate at by letter and later live chat few time spend most 300 USD. One day she suddenly live webcam to show her she is real person, of course we live chat so happy talk our future. however, she suddenly have somwthing inconvenience switch off webcam, then she told me her boss come in office could not be switch on webcam and told next day will live webcam again, therefore, for next day we have live chat I was told her could live webcam but she gave reason her boss at office then I told her you at home could live webcam. she gave many reason could not plug webcam for live chat. I accepted she told me. meanwhile, as she told me she stay alone at home. Gentlemen around the world once you hear she stay alone at home 100% sure could be live webcam, am I right? I was thought like that as well. That she used tactic treat loneness gentlemen, am I right? I realized have lots gentlemen face it she used tactic treat loneness gentlemen. she birthday, I am first time send flower for her birthday flower used around 300 USD, she birthdat is 14th Febraury 2013, in 23rd Jun 2014 One of my friend sent this photo to me. Until few day ago she instagram switch off private, once I saw her photo I was very deep sad and very hurt. all long she liar to me, betrayal, dishonest. If i am not wrong, 2 year acquaintance with her so birthday flower total 600 USD, exclude every month auto renew membership, top up credit for live chat. And another individual e mail communicate, suddenly she said heater spoiled I sent 300 USD, she Nokia smart phone spoiled I sent 300 USD buy I phone branded. finally I get nothing such get it hurt and very sad.
Gentlemen around the world, this lady she remain with husband, she did not divorce. At she profile mention is divorce, actually you did not have divorce, she come back fraud and scammer for earn money.
If you need to know more about her contact me I will sent the link to you another web link all about her. his relative and few friend also at treat loneness gemtlemen to earn money, allow me told gentlemen around the world they also be married and in relationship. They did not have divorce or relationship breakout.
Gentlemen around the world, please see carefully this kind lady at and other dating site as well. Once you see avoided, if not you will become victim. And also all agency fraud and scammer helper, avoided, if you want search your soulmate go to facebook or Vkontakte search better.
I curse Yulya velcheva, Julia Velcheva, Juliya, julia pospelov, Yulya pospelov you will face all men resentment always get hurt, no men will like her include your husband and your son, everyday get unfortunate, work no smooth, business drop also infect to your friend, parent, relative as well all unfortunate.
The latest news.
I found it Yulya velcheva, have another husband and wife name is a Yulya pospelov, julia pospelov or juliya pospelov.
his husband Instagram ID pospel33 once you following him download all yulya velcheva photo with his husband, then upload to internet let around the world gentlemen know and avoided her attracted. if not it will too late be victim.
I have more about her and related her friend also be at fake and scammer profile.
don't be too late, if not been victim

Here is previously web link

  • Updated by Jason Wong Yong Cinn, Aug 10, 2017

    Dear Gentlemen Around The World,
    Today update this lady ID 1893744 name Juliya. Please look previously I post photo and today post she profile resistant had be changed to Melitopol states.
    Gentlemen, I was realized that is not agency issue to fill up personal details, am I right? each person sign up at should be owner fill up, am I right? Please realized it how could she fill up wrong state, and she English language level be come beginner. And why in 2012 sign up at didn't fill up have a son and divorce? until April sign up again at then fill up she have a son and divorce. however, this scammer lady didn't divorce but son is real. they remain stay together at metropolis.
    Dear all gentlemen, beware this lady ID 1893744 name juliya. and other dating site is she profile is at there.

    fraud and scammer of yulya velcheva, julia pospelova, yulya pospelova, julia velcheva, juliya id 1894733
  • Updated by Jason Wong Yong Cinn, Aug 12, 2017

    Gentlemen around the world,
    Do you realized how could she buy a luxury car?
    I was realized that money come from loneliness men earn come.
    she Instagram ID is Vel_4eva.
    I think she will started delete her photo, right now.

    fraud and scammer of yulya velcheva, julia pospelova, yulya pospelova, julia velcheva, juliya id 1894733
  • Updated by Jason Wong Yong Cinn, Aug 22, 2017

    Dear Around The World Gentlemen,

    If your dream women is real or fake, you could contact to me.
    provide your e mail address I would sent evident and prove to you. But have a bit charge one lady ID 15USD
    about lady ID background.
    Once my word found evident then could delivery cash to my bank, if no found no need delivery.
    That is my promises.

  • Updated by Jason Wong Yong Cinn, Aug 28, 2017

    Gentlemen around the world,

    Here is update about Yulya Velcheva, Juliya ID 1894733.
    She sent to me mail letter, she mention his ex husband stay with another women. do you believe her?
    From her relative, his ex husband family didn't see on her mention women. Ever we have some special take they photo where they're stay. is none all about the women.
    My second sent flower to her buy from very expansive charge me around 800 above Ringgit Malaysia.
    His partner business.

    fraud and scammer of yulya velcheva, julia pospelova, yulya pospelova, julia velcheva, juliya id 1894733
    fraud and scammer of yulya velcheva, julia pospelova, yulya pospelova, julia velcheva, juliya id 1894733
    fraud and scammer of yulya velcheva, julia pospelova, yulya pospelova, julia velcheva, juliya id 1894733
Aug 6, 2017
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  • Jo
      8th of Aug, 2017
    Best Best Advice

    Hello Jason,
    I had warn you, Don't trust Juliya profile, that is mixing profile. But you doesn't listen to me you feel very regret now. am I right?
    I would like to Thank you for your expose Juliya ID 1894733 to allow around the world man to know it, She is scammer, playing men loneliness of affection.

    +54 Votes
  • Da
      10th of Aug, 2017

    sorry about you, bro. Not lucky.

    +36 Votes
  • Ja
      10th of Aug, 2017

    @David2305 H! David,
    of course I am not lucky. But I had found great friend here.
    Today, I will update this lady status at

    +37 Votes
  • Jo
      29th of Sep, 2017

    Hi Jason,
    How are you now? what happen are you did not reply my message?
    Is it about divorce certificate issue? It was false certificate, you should do know it her name is Yulya velcheva.
    Velchev is her family surname, as you post at ours forum that certificate name is not her. You should be understand.
    Don't made you so confused. Please up wake.
    At complaint board I would upload divorce certificate.

    +51 Votes
  • Jo
      27th of Dec, 2017

    New Update
    Woman name Yulya Velcheva, Juliya Velcheva, Julia Velcheva.
    She also at she changed photo.
    Now, she at another dating site doing business chat with loneliness men earn money.
    few friend already been victim

    +31 Votes

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