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I was approached by an amway "IBO" in college and they had so much enthusiasm and really made it seem like I was getting in on a million dollar business plan. Being a naive freshman I ate all of it and joined them for a fee I had to pay to be an IBO. Once I joined I figured ok all I have to do is sell the food and health products to college students. But then I noticed wow these prices are way to high for an average college student"s means. You could go to a grocery store for cheaper prices and more product! So I decided ok must be quality products so I ignored that red flag. Then another red flag popped up, the people that recruited me wanted me to buy from myself meaning to stop buying from grocery stores and to live off of Amway. At first it seemed like it made a lot of sense I mean what bakery buys cookies from walmart right? But then I had a realization for weeks I couldnt sell anything to anybody and I realized, they didnt have many customers either! It was at this moment when I realized that the main consumer of Amway's products is the "IBO"! They make money by convincing the people they recruit to buy from themselves while getting a small percentage back in pay. Also the recruiter gets a percentage of whatever you sell hence the "pryamid scheme", which they try to deny, is alive and well. Also to add to the scam they have a website system that supposedly you cant make real money without until you have it. So I also signed up for the $50 a month website that would help my sells but that is another way they make money off of an "IBO". Also they lied to me and said that they make no money from recruiting me and only from my sells and a small percent at that. But I read all of the fine print of becoming an IBO and found out that once I officially became an "IBO" they got money from my "fee". It also explained why they where trying to hurry me into turning in papers that I needed to sign after doing the online part of becoming an IBO. Then I went on youtube and saw the quikstar scam covered by NBC and did my research and found out it changed its name to AMWAY. So after leaving the cult I was of course harassed and they tried persuading me to come back but I had seen through the bs and I advise anyone who runs across this scam to run while you can!
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N  26th of Feb, 2009 by    0 Votes

AMWAY - about id cards

I am Mrs. Swati S.Shewale became distributer on 6 th October 2008 .I was supposed to get my ABO ID card within 45 days .Still after 4 moths I havent got it.Why it is so?
D  30th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
Eat some ###. You have not called Amway customer care or you changed your address before you received your ABO card. How will amway know you are a stupid housewife.
N  25th of Mar, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Wow, first, they didn't CHANGE their name silly, but great job doing your homework college seems to be working out great for you, also you DID get scammed! Who pays for the FREE WEBSITE? The website is free, and as far as the membership fee it is the same as joining sams club or costco, if you are not smart enough to sell their products, stay in retail and work for someone else, if everyone owned their own business who would work for me?
N  2nd of Apr, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Their hidden business was the profits of the amway educational books and tapes. Only the higher tiers like diamonds and up, reaped the benefits from sales.
N  30th of Jun, 2012 by    +1 Votes

United States
Phone: 855-216-1347

N  4th of Aug, 2012 by    +1 Votes

Hey blockhead how many jobs have you created in this needful economy? Or are you still in a Jaaay Ohhhh Bheee yourself? You think you own a business? And what makes you think if one is not a scAmway ibo the only alternative is to do a jaaay ohhh bheee? How come non of you recruited Mark Zucks? Seeing as to how he has such a huge FB "downline" you would be rolling in tons of money, you would need to store some on the moon and mars. For failing to recruit him before he started his own real business I will call you a loser! And btw being an IBO is a second jaaay ohhh bheee if you already have one, and a bad one for you because you pay to participate in it, dumb.

So you don't lose me, at elementary level English here are the facts. The scAmway website is free but the AMO one is not. Mhhh who pockets that $50 a month? Multiply that by half of an average diamondship say 1500 ambots, about $37k. Mhhh...not bad for some diamond to dip their finger in that scam jar monthly, i mean system income stream, nah stick with scam jar. And how many income scam jars are lined up, let's see the CD's, over priced books, costly endless meetings, 4 annual conferences @ $110 a pop, and seminars at $30, archaic communikate @ about $30/m etc. Holy crap! This pretend "business" is not so pretend a cash cow for some highly placed scAmbots or diamonds! Did someone say "Their hidden business was the profits of the amway educational books and tapes. Only the higher tiers like diamonds and up, reaped the benefits from sales.?"

Now you know why these diamonds make 50%, or 75-90% of their incomes from the motivational materials. And scAmway big dawgs have been pissed off at this but let them continue to pillage their starry eyed downlines anyway (google directly speaking talks by Rich DeVos). Where is all this cash coming from? Yep brainwashed ambots like Lovinglife62.
D  27th of May, 2014 by    0 Votes
My name is Matt and I am with the World Wide Group. We have
Amway as one of our main distributors. Many people think bad things on Amway
because of how Amway reps handled business in the past. Like many other
companies however, they’ve transformed the ways of doing business to better
suit the entrepreneurs out there. Most people, when trying to start a business
pay tens of thousands of dollars trying to get set up just to open shop. This
company allows you the opportunity to start your business for very little.
Amway has a bad history (I’ll give ya that), but now days they do all the hard
work for us. They take care of all the contracts with other companies as well
as maintain the cost of organizations for the consumers. If Amway was a sketchy
company, do you really think that all these hundreds of fortune 500 companies
would be lined up for partner with Amway? Just something to think about. This
isn’t a door to door salesman thing, nor is it a sell out of your garage kind
of business, unless for whatever reason you want it to be. Starting up with
this company allows you to do all the shopping you do anyway at your own store
rather than going and giving someone else your money. Everyone that’s looking
at this right now already does what I do….only I get paid for it. It’s that
simple and true, whether you want to hold onto your opinions or not. When you
teach other people how to shop off their own site, that’s when bonus checks
start building. You can easily make more money than anyone that signs you up by
simple working your business better. It’s not a get rich quick and it can be
hard if you’re not a people person, but it’s a solid business if you’re wanting
something real, but like any business it takes your efforts to build your dreams.
If you’re wanting to build your dreams and are looking at these types of posts,
then it’s obvious that you need to change something in your life. Whether your
change involves this business or another, I hope you take actions towards
building those dreams sooner than later. If you’re interested in taking the
next step in you life and want to take a better look at this, then you can
email me at s.generator@hotmail.com...
I’m simply here to help. You can visit my
website to see what the business looks like. Find the link to partner stores on
my site to see what stores partner up with us. www.ampenterprises.mychoices.biz.
A  18th of Nov, 2014 by    0 Votes
thats why it is a complaint...
N  10th of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
As exposed as Amway/Quixtar is, it is hard to believe that people still fall for the Grand Daddy of pyramid schemes.

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