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Amtrak / Train / train

1 NY, United States

Travel from Baltimore to NY on 11/30. Train had no working bathroom in the first 2 cars maybe at the back of the third car and was not an Amtrak Train, It was a New Jersey Transit Commuter train that we travelled on for 3 hours and 55 minutes. The traiun had short seats with no real leg room and a terrible odor that kept coming through the vents. It was bad enough when we got to the platform the trains all seemed suspended over head until we realized that this was not a normal platform you had to step up at least 3 feet to climb onto the first step that was short and narrow and then have someone behind you give you your bags if you are lucky if not throw them up and climb on board and I mean climb literally. Try doing that with an 80 year old with a bad knee/hip. Luckily the red cap person was very nice and tried to help. I traveled on train 3082 and imagine my surprise when cnot only was it not an Amtrak train but it was a NJ transit Commuter train with short seats, bad odor and extremly uncomfortablefor such a period of travel. My poor Gran sat with her leg hunched to the side because the seats are short they only support half your thighs and they was no heat. Today I have a cold and my Gran is home with an ache in her hip from the terrible travelling conditions that we paid overr $100 each one way for this agony. I paid money to ride an AMTRAK train with a bathroom, comfortable seats and leg room, i paid for comfort not bad odor and the makings of a cold. I did not pay to have my Gran Hoisted onto the train and then climbing precariously up myself., hoping you don't fall as you drag your bag and yourself up the tiny steep stairs. It was crazy. It was not at all what i paid for. When I spopke to Customer Service in Penn Station NY She said I should've told the conductor to hold the train while my Gran wobbled three cars back to get to a bathroom, and the 20 minutes + that it would take her to come and go how long would the conductor hold it. The only good thing that the customer service in NY did was let her use their bathroom. We still had 2 hours of travelling ahead of us and it was not fair to this elderly p[erson to be treated so for what was paid.

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