Amtrakbroken laptio


I paid for a trip for my parents to come visit me in California. Although, the actual trip was good, it was not the trip that they had problems with. When I went to the LA Station to see them off, I immediately went to the Conciere to find out about getting my parents wheel chairs and they said they did not have any but for them to sit in the assisted waiting area. We were the first ones there, we sat down and waited, as we waited I had spoke to several Red Caps trying to find out when their train was going to be there considering it was so loud we could barely here the announcer. Everyone that I spoke to said not to worry we will come get your parents when it is time for them to board. Everytime I saw them come over on the Tram I stopped them and asked them if it were time for them to board. Everytime I asked they replied not yet but we will come and get them when it was time. When the time finally came no one came to get them I just kept asking until the redcap told me it was their train. Everyone started loading on the trams people that were not ever in assited waiting were loading on. These trams were for people whom could not walk all the way down on their own. I watched many people get on that were not even waiting they just walked up and got on. When I finally started walking up to the tram to help my parents get on they shewed us back in a line. At that point I was really upset. My parents carry on luggage was in the line where they were standing my mom stepped back away from her briefcase and one of the assisted helpers bent over picked up the bag and tossed it approx 5ft to the tram. It had a (brand new laptop in it that I gave them for christmas in it) I placed a claim against the gentleman that threw it on the tram and that was 01/04/09 it is now 06/26/09 and I am still batteling with the Customer Relations. (Carolyn Gilmore) she has been adamint about me sending my original claim and repair estimate to her.. The orignal was sent to the LA Station as I was instructed. I keep telling her I do not have the original. Then they told they needed me to have the laptop repaired and send them the receipt. Once again I did this and yet they are still telling the doucments are not sufficent for the claim. I can't believe that I am having so much trouble over $350.00 dollars. That was the total amount to have the laptop repaired. Not only that they are trying to tell me that it was our fault because this should have not been carry on. I'm curious why they advertise they have internet connection if you can't bring your laptop on the train. Please give me any suggestions of whom I can contact at Amtrak. [protected]

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