Amerisave Mortgage - AtlantaScam & Fraud

Wish I had read about Amerisave on this website .. This looks like a scam to make money out of Appraisals & application fees without doing any actual service.

I applied for refinance through Amerisave and provided all the documentation on the same day they asked for. I've a credit
score of more than 800. After 2+ months, they came back with loan rejection reason that my new home community has not
sold 70% of the possible homes (56 out of 130 sold as against 91).

I paid for the appraisal and credit history pull expenses (400$). Also, eventhough the home insurance is covered by my Association, they forced me to buy Personal property insurance with 125k limit which costed me additional 500$. I never had to have a Personal property insurance for my current loan with Bank of America. An additional 100$ for Condo questionairre. I lost 1000$ by working with them and also lost my chance of refinancing with other Companies as I wanted to honor my commitment. Rates went down drastically down to 4.25% during this period.

I locked the interest rate on July 26th -- 45 day lock and they didn't close the loan within that period. They have a policy of not re-locking the rate when it goes down. But when the rate lock expires, they say it is extended without notifying the customer. No communication goes out unless I follow up with them. One of the worst companies to do Business with.


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