Amerisave / Communication Broken Promise

Amerisave's Teresa Lykstad told me the loan was approved and would settle with a month. I then received a notice of denial by email from Michael Capell. Mr. Capell told me it was the system that kicked out my loan because of the 30 days it was supposed to close in and that Teresa would call me. I emailed her the next day because she did not call me. She emailed, " There is a debt to income issue. Therefore they sent the file back to me. I am trying to work it out. I will be working on your file this weekend to see what I can do with DTI issue. As soon as I do I will have the file reinstated. I will call you Monday." That was Monday the 20th of September and this is the 28th and I have yet to hear from her despite many emails and messages left on voice mail. Yesterday I emailed Michael Capell and he has yet to contact me. I fear the loan has been denied for reasons I am not aware of. I can't imagine how my debt to income ratio became a factor since absolutely nothing has changed. I told the truth and submitted all documents. Beware

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