Amerigroup Mortgage Corporation / Refinance Harrassment

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I received mail from this company indicating that I could save hundreds of dollars off my current VA mortgage by refinancing with them. After calling and setting an appointment, I did some online research and found the offer (and company) was too good to be true. I immediately called back the same night to cancel the appointment and had to threaten to call the police if their loan officer showed up on our property. Since then, we received at least a dozen phone calls each week asking about when we could reschedule the meeting. My wife and I have spent hours requesting they take us out of their records, told them we are on a "Do Not Call List" and told them we weren't interested in their scam. The "scam" is that they sign you up for a mortgage that is a 3/1 ARM with an amazing low rate for the first three years, then variable after that. They will not do a mortgage that is a fixed rate.

They will call any day of the week at anytime up until 10 o'clock at night. We don't answer most of the calls, but they won't leave voicemails and will keep calling over and over.

Now when they call (twice in the past two days) they ask what my current rate is. I tell them 2.5% or whatever that is extremely low and they immediately hang up without even a good-bye. Works nicely! I'm hoping they update their lead records and account records quickly enough that the calls stop in the next week.

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  • Ja
      29th of May, 2012

    Don't let these people waste your time. Throw them out when they start getting off track. My bank is B of A and I live in California. I have my original mortgage there and they are running the Irrrl for me. I'm getting 3.5%, thirty year, with a credit that will cover most of the costs (but not the funding fee) and I will have to prepay escrow and taxes for the year in advance. I'm not sure if I have money in the escrow account for the mortgage I have now. But if so they will return it. I've had the same bank for forty plus years. No guff or con with the bank or people I've dealt with. I don't know how it is in other areas.

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  • Ka
      3rd of Jul, 2012

    Glad to see we are not the only ones ! My husband and I have the same complaint against Amerigroup Mortgage Company. The main difference is that we have NEVER solicited their services; we have NO IDEA how they got out number. We are called relentlessly, sometimes twice a day...EVERY day ! We say we are not interested and never have been/never will be; we ask to be removed from the mailing list, to speak with supervisors, yell and swear at NO AVAIL ! They continue to call AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN...there are several different numbers they call from, and they ask for myself or my husband alternately...SERIOUSLY...if anybody knows how to file an official complaint against them or some sort of injunction...PLEASE let me know!

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