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Newfield, NJ, United States

I have been trying to have my tank removed since I am replacing the unit with a ductless system for heat and air.

Originally scheduled for 4-21, no call no show and tank still there. Apparently had a sick employee so it didn't get done. rescheduled for 4-3, again no call no show. Just called 3 times to get someone to help other than 'i'll call you back'.

Both times I have had to reschedule the work being done around the tank removal. (windows and new system). I deal with the Woodbine, NJ office, Nancy. Told her that any additional charges I incur due to them not doing their job, or even CALLING to say they will not remove it, will be passed to them. Nancy's response is 'that's not our problem'.

May 4, 2017

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