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I had an inquiry about a bill I had received from Amerigas. The amount is for $135.60. Earlier, I had received a bill for a tank rental. Usually I call the store and schedule a fill up and they remove the tank rental. The lady said she would take care of it and schedule a fill up within the next few days. That is indeed what happened. I received a bill for the gas and went by the store on 12/29/2010 to make the payment. I paid with a check (#5866). This check has not cleared my account and I wanted to know why since I dropped it off personally at the local store. I thought everything was square with us until I received this other bill in the mail for $135.60. I went by the store today (Garner, NC) during my lunch hour to inquire about the bill.

I cannot explain how rudely I was treated. You can certainly take loyal and dedicated local employees off the list of "unique benefits" that Amerigas claims to offer. I got out of my vehicle and went to the door at 12:40 and discovered the door was locked. There was a sign posted displaying business hours were from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Under that was posted closed. Also, posted beside that was a piece of green construction paper saying closed for lunch from 12:00-1:00. I looked in the window and saw a woman sitting at the counter. I tapped on the glass door, and she made hand motions to me with a "1" as if to say we are closed and I'm not opening up the door or accepting customers. I went back to my truck, drove down the street and stopped at a local restaurant for some lunch. I thought I would get a quick bite and then go back. I arrived back at the store at 1:20. Again, I got out of the truck and went to the door. It is still locked and showing closed on the little sign. The same woman and two others are in the store. Again, I tapped on the window. This time she wheeled around and made annoyed hand gestures again to me with a total disgusted look as if to say I have told you once that we are closed and you need to get out of here until I am ready to open this door back up. I pointed to my watch and the green sign as if to say it is past 1:00. She then pointed above the door to another little paper clock with movable hands that looked like it was pointing to 1:30. She turned away to talk to the other women and then would not even acknowledge my presence. I have never been treated so rudely. I don't know what kind of business is being run here, but every business that I have ever been associated with have their employees take staggered lunches and the business is covered for customer service during the whole day's operation. There is no call for this.

After this, I dialed your customer service number and made a complaint. The person taking my call stated they would forward my complaint to the manager and I asked that he call me. I left my cell number [protected]. I would like for someone to call me so that my bill can be settled. I feel I have made a good faith attempt to handle this. I certainly do not expect to have to endure this type of poor customer service from any other Amerigas employees.

Today is January, 21, 2011. This episode occurred on January 10, 2011. My check for the gas I purchased has finally cleared my checking account on January 12, 2011 in which I paid in person on December 29, 2010. At this point, no one from management has even bothered to call me about this or clear my account.

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      Nov 07, 2011

    Hello Jdburton! We are sorry to hear about the difficulties you have been experiencing with your account. Please email your acocunt details to [protected] and we'll see how we can assist you. Thanks!

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