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Americas Servicing CompanyASC & Northwest Trustees / Fraud / foreclosure / bad faith

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So... I buy this property that I had been living in just... all my life... 32years... Granddad built it... my father grew up there, then later his children... he passed the torch to me and my children have not known anything other than... the homestead of my ancestors... my heritage and legacy...what once was just considered a really good place to raise some a small town... a country homeplace... a barn and an old outhouse and chicken coop... all that was left of the former 2 acre patch was the original home and about a.66 acre... our .66 acre.

My dad wanted more than anything for me to stay near and raise the kids there... I had a verbal agreement (witnessed) to rent to own... treat it as if it were your own... and an interest free owner carried loan... for the original price he had paid his mother...WoW... totally exciting news to a girl who knew her whole life that this was home... her home forever!

When my dad became ill later that year... the news of a stage 4 lung cancer was a huge blow... we tried to get as much done as possible but 5 months was just not enough time to tie up all the loose ends and what became of my home starts here... we mortgaged it out to pay my mothers own home off (she had no interest in the family home and not being of this country was headed home... a guy had offered her a lot of money for the property a guy that had been after all the surrounding properties for 20 years... turned down by all he acquired it the hard way. They all died in their homes... they all were sold off in estate sales by out of state children... our was the last... and a remedy to their almost landlocked situation... our property meant 2 extr outlets on 2 roads... the seal of a multi million dollar deal so long awaited... he offered my mom 40 k more than I could but last minute she had a change of heart and accepted the 120 I a could pay... 60 k more than dad asked but... I got to keep my home!

Family turmoil and small town-ism... made a the situation worse... for my dad was the glue... and he was gone... My husband lost his job of 8 years we had one hardship after another... pretty soon we're 8 months behind... our credit scores previously excellent, were ih the tank... we had a plan of development invested 15 k into the plan and refi deals coming out our ears... we might have had 100 + in the making... some almost made it... title companies were in the waits... yet know one ever made it... and when it sold to ASC was when it really got bad... ASC was nice as they could be... we told them exactly what was going on and they did nothing for us... I assume they were working with me... but in retrospect the ball would be dropped just after my updates to asc... pay off requests got nowhere and pretty soon i'm facing a forclosure... of which I found my own personal investor to bail me out... thats when the real trouble started... not wanting to put my friend out I did try another ave... a private lender name GINO the weekend before the sale... gino could lend me and would if I had a Realtor take a look... last minute he remembered he had someone... turned out to be a BROKER for remaxx... he looked giddy and excited... then latergino didn't call back... we called him and he says to us rather flatly... my guy said the value isn't there!!!

WHATEVER... it was a 380K piece of property I only owed 156 on... my bail out was 16... I was willing to pay him 30K... these guys took up my entire last weekend... I had no choice but to ask my friend again for help... and I did... and when I did ASC asked us to call The trustees... the trustees said to call ASC... ASC after being told to STOP the sale we have the $ turned us over to thier midigation dept... and proceeded to hang up on us EVERY TIME... I have phone records!!... I had the $... I made it very clear our intentions were to keep the home... the day after thesale I had a guy saying he was the new owner and if I could afford to pay the rent of 1000 I could stay till july...


I didn't believe it... the whole thing since the beginning stank... my 40 year loan ended up being a 30 year... and the payment were almost 400 more than we had originally thought... and when he lost his job... we sold everything we could to keep up on it so's not to affect our scores... so's we could get the financing we needed to make it an income producing property... we have 4 kids... there were soo many irregular things leading up to this... I am still in dis belief... I had the $... I NEED HELP... a hate crime is a brewing and I don't want to be a murderer... my kids need their mom... CLASS ACTION!! All the way...

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  • Er
      13th of Jun, 2007
    0 Votes

    Chances are if that house been in the family that long and its still not paid off... you shouldn't have had it in the first place.

  • Ni
      4th of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    I'm with you lady. See the comments under ASC. We should all file a class action!

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