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America's Servicing Company / Threats for foreclosure, harassing calls!

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My Loan was transfered to this bogus company in November from Option One and i never got their mailing address and neither did they bother to send me any information about the transfer of 1 of the loans to there company. I ended up sending payments for 1 of the loans to option one for 2 months and the other loan payments to ASC.

They apparently reported me for late payment to both 3 credit bureaus even after calling them and trying to rectify the issue after their representative said it was there fault and that will not be reported to the credit bureau/will not affect me.

In addition to that they apparently sent 3 strangers to my door step with threats to foreclosure my home because i haven't paid my mortgage since it was transfered, i had to call the police before the strangers disappeared into their old car and drove off into the snow.

Now, behold, they cant stop calling my home more than 10 times a day if they don't receive the mortgage by the 4th day of the month.

What a company?

I am actually trying to refinance both loans to MLN as soon as possible because i have had enough of there threats, calls and issues.

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  • Me
      6th of Mar, 2007
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    We have had several problems with ASC. Granted we did get behind on the payment after my husband had a serious surgery. The house was being occupied by my husbands brother. We finally started the process of a sale in Feb. also the month that process of foreclosure was to begin. We called for a payoff they refused to tell us over the phone to fax it would cost $10.00 or mail would take up to a week. The closing was set for the 28th of Feb. ASC told us they would not accept the check from Country Wide because it wouldnt post by the 28th. We still followed thru with the sale Country Wides lawyer called them about the payoff they told her to wire it to them and everything would be fine. Now they say we owe over $4000.00 more in fees to them or house will be foreclosed on. This company needs to be closed for failure to follow procedure and harassment. And yes just about everyone we have spoke to has been rude to us. With exception of their on lawyers which have been very helpful. ASC needs to take some lessons on finance management.

  • Ma
      12th of Mar, 2007
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    I wouldn't bother trying to refinance with MLN, they just sold our loan to ASC.

  • An
      23rd of Mar, 2007
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    Actually I don't know where to start!!! I just want out of this company. How are they even still existing? They are just taking advantage of people, people like me.

    As one person said they were behind in payment as I was, next step foreclosure. I put down this huge payment to set up a repayment plan (foreberance plan), meanwhile my mortgage rate went up, someone from their company calls and said "once you get through this repayment plan you will be in foreclosure, there was an error on our part". Yes he admitted their error then turned it around and said we (me) and them were in error. Actually in said the "plan was design to fail".

    Do you think I can get out of this and keep my home. Please help.

  • Mi
      28th of Mar, 2007
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    We refinanced our home in May of 05, in December of 05 or loan was sold for the 3rd time to America's Servicing Company. We had always had an impound account for our property taxes and home owners insurance. In January of 06 we started receiving past due bills on our property taxes. We immediately contacted ASC, by May of 06 they sent us a letter saying that we had an impound account and was current. Late July we receive notice from them that we do not have an impound account and owe them 10+K. We talk to them several times realize that we do owe them money, make plan and pay off impound account by October of 06. During this time we are in constant contact with ASC, but their collections branch is calling and sending us letter threatening to take our house, even though we have over 50% equity in our house. In October we paid the impound account but statement has negative amount owed. Contact ASC talk to a supervisor and were told to ignore, they want to prefund impound account. In January we find out that ASC reported our house payment late by credit breau. Contact ASC, find out that they have 5 different call centers across US. That they confacated our August house payment for impound account with out ever telling us and then reporting us late. No one ever calls you back, each time you talk to a different person and told something different. No one takes responsibility or cares.

  • An
      28th of Mar, 2007
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    My loan was sold to ASC a yr and a half ago. I don't usually look at my statements since I have been paying the same amount and I set up the payments through my bank and I guess I trusted them to much. a couple of days ago I looked at my statement and I saw that I have a late payment fee. I was surprised because, for one thing I am never late with my mortgage and I don't want that to show in my credit. I called ASC and spoke to GREG and he said that the payment was posted on 3/19/07 and I told him it cleared my bank on 3/19/07. So, I asked him when did they actually received the check and he said he doesn't know. I told him it's impossible for them to received the payment on the 19th and cleared my bank the same day. Usually it takes a couple of days before the check clears. He was arguing with me and he was asking me if I know what date they received my payment. I told him they supposed to know because that's what you post in the system as payment date. So, how can they charge me late fee when they don't even know what date they received my payment. BAD customer service I hate the fact that my loan was sold to ASC and now I can't even refinance my home because, the value went down.

  • Ar
      21st of Jun, 2007
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    We have the attorney general from the State of Michigan looking into the situation. We sent ASC thousands and thousands of dollars to try and catch up on a couple of payments we missed. We still have no idea what happened to the money. They would not send us a statement showing us what happened to our money. Our only way out was to sell the home, or let ASC take it. ASC took it. ASC is a shady company. We tried to even get in touch with Wells Fargo because ASC does not answer questions. Wells Fargo did not know what ASC was!

  • Sh
      13th of Jul, 2007
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    This asc /wells Fargo is threating foreclosure on my house they sent a guy out to take pictures of my house but they did not tell him who was sending him. They claim that I am behind which I am not. They send me harassing letters threating foreclosure.

  • Je
      26th of Jul, 2007
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    I have had all of the same problems with ASC as well, heck today just to get them to talk to me on the phone, so I could send a payment. I would call and call and as soon as I would enter my account info in the telephone automated service, the call would say we are transferring you now, then it would immediately come back on saying sorry we can not connect your call. Then hang up on me. So I called back several times and got the same result every time. So I entered false info and it connected me immediately to a service person. Then when I gave her my correct info she transferred me to someone else. Who transfered me again. Finally I got someone to take my payment. I just hope they post it in time.

  • Ad
      16th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    Experienced all or most of the above problems with ASC from the beginning... loan transferred about a year ago. Calls to all of my numbers prior to the 15th asking where their money is??? Unless It's 12:01 on the 16th do not call me or you ARE harassing! Charging for phone and online payment processing is an outrage to begin and they want you to pay before it is actually due... HELLO and the incentive is fees and lower average balance for the consumer get a clue. America's Servicing Company... making the American Dream impossible one customer at a time.

  • Ju
      9th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    my loan was bought out by asc americas servicing company, omg the most horrible experience i have ever had,
    i fell behind on my payment 2 mns didnt work for those two months,
    i tried to get caught on my payments the people answering the phone on the other end were the most dummest peopl in the world, i tried explaining the situation faxed all the documents they needed, then come to find out my home is in foreclosure, they claimed they never got the paper work, then i resend it again they never got it, so i contacted the sanators office they are now looking into the matter,
    beware of this company they are running a scam,

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