Americas Servicing Company / Service

United States

Since my mortgage was sold to ASC I have had nothing but problems. The people anserwing the phones have no idea what is going on. I contacted the service center and asked about sending in half payments twice a month to make one payment per month. The rep said it was ok. Didn't realise that they were no accepting this and the money was just sitting in limbo. When I got this mortgage the property consisted of 18 acre and a house. The appraisal was for 5 acres and the house. I was able to sell 12 acres and contacted ASC to see about a partical dispersal so that I could continue to have a mortgae on the appraised property. I received to answers to this request. The first one was to file for a short sale and I would no longer have the mortgage. What the heck kind of answer was this. The second rep said it would cost 250.00 for an application fee plus %00.00 for an ASC appraiser to appraise the property and the rate of these approval was less then 10 percent. Good luck to anyone dealing with ASC.

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