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America's Servicing Company / Trying to sell house to avoid forclosure from this company!

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I know this is very long, but please read our story, we are desparate for some guidance on this one,

My husband and I had a mortgage with Mortgage Lenders Network before it was sold to ASC. It has been a nightmare ever since. My husband had a pay cut of about $2000/month at which time I went back to work full time. We were having trouble making ends meet so we decided our only option was to sell. We spoke with representatives from ASC several times to notify them of our intentions, we were told not to make any mortgage payments for the next 5 months as we were being considered a hardship case, if the house did not sell by the end of the fifth month then we needed to resume payment again to avoid foreclosure.

We got a buyer 4months into the hardship case and a closing date was set or 08/17/07. After gathering all of our paper work together, the attorneys office contacted ASC approximately a week and a half before the closing to get the pay off amount. Excuse after excuse began to flood in from ASC-it will be expedited, you will receive the pay off tomorrow, it's been sent, we can't fax the pay off amount, your client has to give us written permission to talk to you, etc, etc. The pay off amount for the mortgage came in the day of the closing 45 minutes before the closing was scheduled for.

The closing never happened because the pay off amount came with $20, 000 in fees. ASC was charging us all kind of late fees, a prepayment penalty fee and various other fees...our original mortgage didn't even have a prepayment penalty fee.

It is now October 22, 2007 and we were able to hold onto the buyer until this past Monday when she could wait no longer...

NOW we are in foreclosure, ASC will not budge on negotiating any type of settlement price saying WE are not cooperating with them!

All we wanted to do was sell our home to get out of this nightmare of debt, we weren't looking to make any money on the sale simply break even....Which all could have happened if ASC had tried to charge us the prepayment penalty, they would have received more than was owed on the note, upwards in the amount of $10,000+ but they refused to even talk to our attorneys office.

To make matters worse, yesterday in the mail we received a notice of default from the Hartford Superior court for failure to appear--We never even received anything about going to court, don't know when it was supposed to be or what it was for!!

If anyone can offer some advice we would greatly appreciate it.

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  • St
      6th of Dec, 2007
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    This company sucks , For months I have heard to contact you lender if you can't make the pyments so I called them in the first week of november , After being disconnected three times I finally talked with someone and they wouldn't even discuss the matter until I was 30 days behind , A week later they started calling and harrasing me , I called them today , Im now thity days late to see if we can work something out , I told them im trying to sell the house and I could send them so much money until it sells they told me they would not do that or work with me , So I told them ok let the Forclosure begin , Of couser I got this strong arm tone of what all could happen to me legally , The only thing they don't know is I already talked with a lawyer and will go Bk , Now they wont get anything from me and now I will let the forclosure play all the way out , This company just stinks , My original lender was Fremont they don't exsist anymore ,

  • Fu
      11th of Feb, 2009
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    I agree with everything you said above about the potetial sale and how they refused to work with us as well or our attorney. We ended up finally filing for Chapter 13 and then they still adjusted the rate and refused and I mean refused to work with us to re do the loan and keep it at a payment we could afford. It went from origianlly 1700 to 2250 and then with in a few months it was at 3200 a month for a house we origianlly paid 199, 000 for. They totally refused to do anything. The run around seems to be thier specialty. Well our lawyer discussed moving to a Chapter 7 so we did this and we put the house up for sale as well to try and get rid of it before foreclosure. We moved out but kept paying the utilities in order to sell the house we kept some of our property in there for curb appeal and they never even called us to see if we were in the house or not and they came by one day and changed the locks and cut the heat and water to the house. They call it winterizing it even though we were still paying for the utilities. Our property was freezing and some of it even got damaged but do you think they cared. NOT AL ALL!!!

    I know what everyone means with your comments, ASC is one of the worst comapnies to work with or attempt to work with. You would think that in these trying times they would be more than happy to keep people in the house that are willing and able to make a normal house payment and they would do whatever they could to do that, but sadly that is not the case.

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