Americas Best Value Inn & Suitesemployees

This location doesn't take correction if fed with a spoon... OUT OF all business responsibilities. They push their demonic cult versions of my Holy bible to the Left & Right. If they only kept their mouths quiet & kept their sheol paths for themselves only, I'd continue going there. A woman named Dianne likes to sit at the front desk with a Bible opened to give some public image, though she grabs wierd grudges against people while not responding to Hellos & giving negative smirks to show moody anti-biblical grudges. And a gentleman named AL holds religious conversations with me, because he knows I read the Bible a lot, while flat out saying that I'm society's problem... a customer!! Of all things! He shouldn't pull conversations from me if he already knows I have 1 shepherd Jesus Christ!! Since I've spoken to the manager about these things & pointed out my 1 star review on Google without any correction or apology by reformation, it's clear these children need their business daddy, which is Corporate! They don't even seem to care about a public 1 star, detailed review!!!
If what they do care about is some vain job security which relys on public opinion, while not being concerned with a review on the most public advertisement Google, then we have to consider insanity or flat out business malpractice in motion.

Nov 23, 2018

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