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I contacted Nationwide Tax Relief in 2009 to help me reduce my tax debt. I didn’t file for [protected]. Apparently the IRS will file for you if you don’t. So the IRS told me I owed 20k in back taxes and had started garnishing my pay. At NTR they told me based on my hardship and financial situation I was qualified for an Offer In Compromise and would only have to pay the IRS $1, 000. LIES!!! I paid them $2, 200 up front so they could file a Power of Attorney and stop the garnishment and 1, 200 a month for the next 3 months would be my total fees for the POA and the OIC.
The garnishments stopped… for 3 months. I called in to see why and they told me my OIC was rejected and there was nothing they could do for me. Then they told me that I was not entitled to a refund because there is no guarantee for the outcome and the money I paid them was for their services which they performed!! COMPLETE BS!!! THEY DID NOTHING FOR ME AND TOOK $5, 800 FROM ME!!!
About 6 months ago after searching for some sort of solution to my taxes and came across FS Legal Centers 714 794-9TAX. According to them OIC is not even a legitimate way to reduce your tax debt unless the IRS determines that you have no way of repaying the debt i.e. on your death bed with no job or assets. But they did a Tax Investigation before assessing a fee and got back to me with the results the next day. It turns out that I was not entitled to an OIC like they stated earlier, but they said they could reduce most of the interest and penalties on my debt and stop the garnishment indefinitely. I have 12 months left of $250 a month back to the IRS then I will be done with this tax debt FOREVER! And they were about 2 grand less than Nationwide Tax Relief.
Moral of the Story: If it sounds too good to be true then it is! Stay away from NTR!! I’m filling a complaint to the Attorney General, The BBB and my Governor! I suggest that you all do the same!

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  • Ji
      Oct 17, 2010

    This is obviously a fake complaint. First off - American Tax Relief and Nationwide Tax Relief are to separate companies. Both are not good companies, but ATR is way worse than NTR.

    Nationwide Tax Relief is not a great company, but they do not abandon their clients THAT BAD. If you don't get an OIC at NTR, they will still set up a pay plan for you.

    However, overall NTR is a sales based company that does not have your best interest in mind. You don't talk to a CPA, EA, or attorney when you call.

    They have an overaggressive sales force.

    They are not going to be FTC complaint and may be shut down in the next 3-4 months.

    This above complaint is obviously an ad for FS legal services, they are also not licensed tax professionals, and this is another company that will most likely be shut down by the new FTC regulations.

    If you want real tax help, call someone who is professionally licensed and directly talk to them.

    Here's a list of some legitimate companies:

    Tax Resolution Professionals ( - A licensed tax law firm owned and operated by attorneys. When you call you speak directly to a licensed attorney.

    Joe Mastriano, CPA ( - Licensed CPA firm. When you call you talk to a licensed CPA. ( - Tax Services Company. when you call you talk to a licensed Enrolled Agent.

    Mike Habib, EA ( - Tax Services Company. when you call you talk to a licensed Enrolled Agent.

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  • Bo
      Oct 18, 2010

    You are obviously a Liar who is defaming people on this site and promoting other companies shamelessly. you should be ashamed of yourself. i hope your parents aren't still alive to see you blatantly slandering other people just to promote for companies you know nothing about. Shame on you!!

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