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American Signature Furniture / beautiful stain color

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Exactly a year ago, my husband and I purchased many items from the “West Indies Collection” for our new home. It was the most beautiful collection we had seen and trust me, we looked everywhere at everything. The style was absolutely gorgeous and the stain was exactly what we wanted. The warm stain color was most beautiful with the combination of light, medium and dark hues. The stain complimented the visual beauty of the wood grain, as well as, the intricate details of the carvings and ties. There was nothing more beautiful.

Yesterday, my husband and I went down to the store to purchase the Bombay chest along with some other items to add to our collection. Well, needless to say that we were shocked to see that the stain was changed to such a horrible dark color. When did this happen? What possessed them to change the color? It is absolutely horrible. If we were out shopping for furniture now, we would definitely by-pass the “West Indies Collection” because it is so dark. You don’t see anything except a chunk of dark drab wood. You can’t see any of the intricate carvings or ties – nothing. We are extremely upset and disappointed. You would think that the sales person whom we purchased our furniture pieces from last year would have contacted us. Someone should have notified us about the color being discontinued. We would have purchased the pieces we wanted sooner if we had known it was being discontinued. They brag about their customer service, well this isn’t very good customer service. Today everything is computerized and it would have been simple to go back thru their sales of previous customers who purchased items from the ‘West Indies Collection” and send a post card or email a message to inform us of the change. If I was one of their sales people, I would have had the courtesy to contact my customers about the discontinuance – beside I probably would have generated some sales for myself.

American Signature could at least offer their customers a choice of either stain? They should have allowed us (their buying customers) the option to purchase the beautiful warm medium stain that was available a year ago to complete our collection or the horrible dark stain of today. The design didn’t change, so it would easy to offer this option. I can’t believe they changed something so beautiful. Why did they do this? Unbelievable! Are they really selling items from this collection now? We were going to buy other pieces of the collection, but we definitely need the Bombay chest to complete our collection. Can anyone help us to find at least the Bombay chest to match the stain that we have? Maybe one is sitting in a warehouse or clearance section somewhere. Yes, we are extremely upset and very unhappy customers. Are we the only ones or are there others out there?

P.S. We were very pleased with our original purchase last year. We had some issues, but the company came right out and fixed them within days. They sent a very professional service man (not a framer), by the name of Nick Vinciguerra who did excellent work. We were very happy with American Signatures quality, prices and service concerning our purchases of last year.

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  • Ca
      21st of Sep, 2008

    My husband and I purchased the AMerican Signature West Indies dining room table, chairs and china hutch last November. I too had searched for quite awhile before finding this beautiful design. Yesterday, we went back to American SIgnature with every intention of purchasing the entertainment center, coffee and end tables. We were shocked to see that the models on the floor had a very dark stain which would not match our other furniture. Ten months ago, before we made the purchase, my husband asked the sales associate if West Indies would ever be discontinued. "No" was the answer and technically, it was an honest one...technically. Sure they have West Indies, but it does us no good. We waited at the store until we were able to voice our concerns with the operations manager and he said that we were the first to complain. Now, I know that's not true.

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  • De
      29th of Sep, 2008

    My husband and I also purchased several items from the "West Indies Collection" last year from your Newport News, Va. store. The question about the collection being discontiued was also asked. The same answer was given...that this collection was a top seller and would not be discontiued. They were right...technically We returned today to purchase the other items to complete our bedroom set only to discover the collection we had originally purchased no longer came in the Warm Chestnut finish. The intricate detail and warmth of the collection is lost with the dark (virtually black) stain available now. The appearance of the new pieces look like those found in a "back yard discount sale".

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  • Be
      30th of Sep, 2008

    I agree with all the comments. I purchased the Bar with 2 stools and the China cabinet in the warm pecan finish. I also asked the same qustions about future availability etc, and was told as it was one of their top collections no chance.. So I returned recently to purchase the round glass top table and 4 chairs, they have been discontinued and now they only have the horrible dark finish. My dining room is now 3/4 complete along with custom made drapes, rugs, and decor items, but no table and chairs..Does anyone know a store that might have a set available, I'm not byond driving a uhaul to pick it up. This company American Signiture and my store Value City Furniture shoul be ashamed of their buyers and who ever else make these stupid stupid decisions, what about the consumers??? and yes, someone from these store should have contacted those customers whom purchased several pcs of this collection. did they honestly think we just bought a couple of items and that was it??? Someone Please help...

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  • Tg
      3rd of Oct, 2008

    I too startes to collect these pieces two years ago and my entire decor is based up0n this collection, we have the china cupboard, end table, sofa table and coffee table. WHAT A SHOCK!! All is gone and believe me I have looked and called everywhere, it is hard to believe because this collection was so large, you could have furnished every room in your house with it if you wanted to. Such a shame.

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  • Ka
      13th of Oct, 2008

    We purchased a dining set from the West Indies Collection last year after years of searching. We were
    so excited about buying other pieces since our home decor is Carribbean. We just bought a big screen
    tv for the living room & went to Value City Furniture to purchase the 60" tv cart & saw the very dark
    pieces. We were shocked to learn they discontinued the lighter collection a couple of months ago. Why
    didn't they notify us, they sold everything off the floor & we could have gotten our pieces knowing
    it was going to be discontinued. We had no idea a year ago, this would be gone. They told us this
    was one of the best selling collections, should be around a long time. We have no desire to buy that
    dark dark color. We are so disappointed & would have continued buying this collection & by the looks
    of other emails, you would have sold quite a bit of the original stain. If they wanted to change to the
    darker color, that would be fine, but have the original available so we could have matching pieces.
    This is very upsetting.

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  • Ta
      23rd of Oct, 2008

    My husband and I also purchased a west indies collection and went back this past week to purchase a side table/end table to complete our west inides collection and found out that the color was changed. When we purchased the collection over a year ago we also asked the question if it would ever be discontinued and the sales person informed us that it wouldnt be disconinued b/c it was a top seller and that it was a collection. We are very fustrated and disappointed to find out otherwise b/c we feel we should of been informed in some form to the changes of the west indie furniture. We spent alot of money and they should of had the courtesy to inform prior customers of the changes to see if we needed to add an additions to our previous purchased west indies collection. I will no longer deal with American sSigniture untill the situation is ever rectified.

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  • Va
      1st of Nov, 2008

    I am also in the same predicament. I am in the Maryland area and was told that the collection and stain was a best seller and would not be discontinued. This was about 1 year ago. I started purchasing the collection and went back to get more only to find that the stain was discontinued. I ended up selecting another bedroom set but still have the unfinished collection of the west indies. Maybe the company will change their minds and offer both stains. I hope so.

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  • Lk
      11th of Nov, 2008

    To the woman who feels American Signature should have called her if they were discontinuing the set she purchased: that is absolutely absured! I've been a manager in sales before, which apparently you never have. If you purchased furniture and at that time didn't purchase the entire set you wanted, it would be your sole responsibility to check in with either the store or easier yet their website periodically. Many items in all different stores get discontiued or updated each year. Change is inevitable. Do you realize how long it would take, how many hours wasted, how much payroll wasted to call each and every customer each time something on the floor were to change?
    As for the other comments, I do agree that you should have an option for color but AS probably has good reason and apparently high demand on the color switch!

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  • Ca
      14th of Nov, 2008

    I too was purchasing the West Indies collection, I have the bed ( the canopy not the sleigh) and bombay chest, I recently went back to purchase the dresser and mirror but found the collection had been changed. I was so dissapointed I already had over 2k in the set and now I can't get the other pieces. I'm in the process of building a new house so I guess I'll just have to find a new set and put the West Indies collection in the spare room. I just don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful set.

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  • Ta
      15th of Nov, 2008

    To the person who decided to critize my complaint. The one that calls himself/heslself a recent/prior sales manager. I spent over $15, 000 - $ 20, 000 in that store within the last 2-3 years and at no time did they inform me of any changes that they would be making. Also, its apparent that you didnt read the other similair complaints b/c apparently i'm not the only one complaining about the West indies Coillection. No wonder youre no longer a sales manager. You obvioulsy dont have any sales ethics. Its apparent, youre out of a job. A job in which you were obviously not good at and thats why youre no longer a sales manager. So please, dont stick your nose where it doesnt belong. The above complaint was directed to American Signature and not someone who apparently works or used to work as a, quote on quote, sales manager.

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  • Er
      23rd of Nov, 2008

    If anyone living in the Northeastern region is interested in selling any pieces of the bedroom set please send me an email. [protected]

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  • Lk
      5th of Dec, 2008

    "To the woman who feels American Signature should have called her if they were discontinuing the set she purchased: that is absolutely absured! "

    I read the other complaints, however you were the only one that felt the store "owed it to you" to call you because they were discontinuing the set! You're right, I am no longer a "sales" manager because I am General Manager of a business, which by the way is totally irrelivent! You're going to throw out words towards me, someone you don't even know. Just goes to show how ignorant or maybe arrogant you are! Once again, as you've stated in your response: because you spent $20, 000 at a store they must be obligated to your every request. Should they come at you on their hands and knees as well?
    I, too have made several purchases @ American Signature and have never had a problem with any of the sets. Let me repeat that I don't disagree with the people who think the store should offer the other stain it was the comment you made specifically that the store should have called you directly. Are you Mrs. Clinton? Mrs. Bush? Come on grow up!

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  • Th
      13th of Dec, 2008

    I too, purchased the American Signature West Indies dining room round table and chairs about a year and a half ago. I searched for quite awhile before finding this beautiful design. About 2 days before Thanksgiving, I went back to Value City Furniture in Mechanicsburg, PA with every intention of purchasing 2 more chairs. I was shocked to see that the models on the floor had a very dark stain which would not match my dining room set. My sales person checked the computer and it was then I learned that they had discontinued the light colored version of the set. I can not for the life of me see why they would change it. The dark stain is very ugly and I have been told by the sales person that they have not sold any since they changed the stain to the disgusting dark color. It is not even eye catching. I am really disappointed in American Signature. Since they changed the stain, they should have took their customers into consideration and offered both stains .

    I hope AS is reading these complaints and offer the light color stain as well, along with the beautiful ivory colored cushion on the chairs. I just can not believe they discontinued such a beautiful and eyecatching pieces of furniture to such a dark stain. Come on AS treat your customers right and do the right thing.

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  • Br
      23rd of Dec, 2008

    Me and my fiance' purchased the West Indies queen size canopy bed and two night stands two years ago with the intent to buy a dresser at a later date. He went back a week ago to get the dresser as a Christmas gift for me only to find out they have changed the color. The new black color is absolutely nothing compared to the original color. I am not sure why they would of went ahead and changed it. Now we can't get a dresser to match the beautiful bed and night stands we have. We are VERY unhappy!!!

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  • Mi
      23rd of Jan, 2009

    I was quite appalled by the customers who had the audacity to complain about not being contacted when the " West Indies Collection" finish had been changed. These demands are ludicrous and preposterous. Logically, a store does not know what YOUR specific intentions are when you are furnishing YOUR home. Their only obligation to you is to sell a quality product and have knowledgeable and helpful staff to assist you with your purchase. I can only believe that the emails were written out of discontent. To implement such an impractical task would take a considerable amount of effort and resources. Companies are always trying improve their products and appeal to a broad range of consumers. I agree that because this particular line was desired, a choice of the original finish and the enhanced darker version, should have been offered.

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  • Nt
      28th of Feb, 2009

    I agree wholeheartedly with your complaint. I, too, purchased some of the bedroom furniture in the beautiful stain that you mention. At the time I even specifically asked the salesperson if they would continue to carry this for a while. He informed me that it would be around for at least another year and most likely longer(this was in January 2008). I went back in July to purchase the Armoire and all they had was that horrible, almost black stained furniture. I asked the salesperson what happened and she said they discontinued the original color a couple months ago and this was all that was available. I asked if there was any in stock anywhere and she said, "No. we have already checked for other customers." Of course, I was very frustrated as I now have only a portion of the furniture that I need to finish my bedroom. If I had known this was going to happen, I would never have purchased any of the pieces. Additionally, salespeople should not mislead customers by giving them false information. Anything for a sale, I guess. My only hope is that they will decide to produce this collection in the original stain.

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  • Ca
      3rd of Mar, 2009

    Get over it and move on- Customer Service is to be provided when you are there with the intention on making a purchase and/ or transaction. Once you have left--It's over. Who knows if you are returning to purchase anything. It's not part of their company policy to call you when something is being discontinued. It's your job to contact the store if your interested in more furniture. Society does not cater to you. You work to purchase it- you work to obtain more of what you want or don't buy it; if you don't have all the money to puchase what you want from day 1.

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  • Iw
      3rd of Apr, 2009

    I totally agree, I have had the Sleigh bed for over a year. I love it. As soon as I got it, I started to think of other pieces. All I could find was the awful Tobacco Brown. I guess this is to some folks liking but, I much perfer the warm, rich color of the first collection.

    Please bring it back and give your customers the choice. If for no other reason, we want the product and are spending money. In this economy, that should be enough for you to provide what so many of us seem to want.

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  • Fe
      4th of Apr, 2009

    i too am disappointed with the decision to change the color of the
    west indies collection. i have been in love with that collection since
    2003. i purchased the bedroom collection from value city furn-
    iture while living near charlotte n.c. i had paid it in full in june
    but was needing it to be transported all at once when i moved to
    atlanta. i kept being told that they were out of several pieces and
    this went on until nov. i then requested my money back . i
    received an apology and my full refund in a matter of days. i
    then asked if i were to purchase collection at a later date would there
    be a problem. i was informed that the west indies collection was
    there signature line and i would therefore not have a problem with
    obtaining it at a later date. i do not like the new darker stain and
    therefore i am trying to find pieces on craigslist. i was fortunate
    enough to locate the long dining table with six chairs. i am now
    looking for accessories and the king canape bedroom collection.

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  • Sh
      5th of May, 2009

    I AM IN THE SAME PREDICAMENT...BUT...I LOVE the Tobacco (darker) stain color and have the King Bed and the Bombay Chest. That too has now been discontinued and all I can find in the lighter amber color pieces on Craigs List and I don't like the light color at all. I ONLY bought it for the dark rich gorgeous color. So now neither color is available and won't be coming back. UGH! :-(

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