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American Mattress - Elmhurst, Il / Serta Mattress / Don't stand behind their products!

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Serta mattress purchased from American Mattress Elmhurst Illinois In May of 2006, I purchased a $1,200 Serta mattress and box spring from American Mattress. I had a Serta over 10 years and it was time to replace it, so I purchased another Serta. The bed that was delivered was damaged (the ticking was picked and pulled and looked dirty). While the bed frame was being put together on my hardwood floor, it was dropped and scraped and left a gouge in the floor. I had to call the store and after a few more calls, I did get another mattress (had to take more time off from work).

After 6 months, the bed felt worse than my 10-year old mattress. I sleep alone, yet there was a huge depression that I would roll into and it feels like there's a broken spring somewhere in the middle. I wake up feeling like I've been hit by a brick truck; my 10-year old sofa sleeps better than this bed.

Since it was so new, I contacted the store and was told I would have to pay $45 to have someone come and look at the mattress. And, unless there was a visible dip in the mattress that I would not get anything replaced. The overall comment was not to expect any real results. Well, since this mattress has the foam, you won't see the dip until there is pressure on the mattress.

Next, I contacted Serta directly via email. After about a month, the emailed me that they couldn't do a thing - go to the store. The worst part; Serta is about 15 miles from my house. So, now I'm wondering what is the point of having a warranty if you have to pay someone to fulfill it so quickly after purchase?

I called the store again and asked to speak to the regional manager. I eventually hook up with this person and once again, I'm told to pay the $45 and not to hope for much since it's rare that a mattress is replaced. Now, it's a year later and I can't switch my mattress to a comfortable spot. I actually sleep as close as possible to the edge of the bed to try and get decent support without getting a stiff arm and hip. I don't know what to do; I can't afford another mattress and I'm really frustrated.

I do know I WON'T BUY another SERTA ESPECIALLY FROM AMERICAN MATTRESS. If you get a lemon, they certainly won't and don't stand behind their products.

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  • Je
      3rd of Nov, 2007
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    I bought a Serta mattress and box springs 10 months ago. It sags deeply in several places and is the most uncomfortable mattress I have ever owned. They will not replace it even with a warranty. Never again!!! When I get up in the mornings I can hardly walk so I sleep on the couch now!!!

  • Ja
      22nd of Nov, 2007
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    I also have the big sagging hole and have sent the $35.00 check to Serta of which was returned to me as Serta won't even look as I have removed the Federal tags!!! The Serta emblem is sewn onto the mattress which proves it was made by them. Also was told to go to the store where purchased, which was Mattress Giant and they will not do anything.

  • Pe
      13th of Jan, 2008
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    The company we bought our mattress from was American Mattress for about $1,450.

    The mattress sags on one side really bad. I noticed that half the part number on the matress has been cut off.

    Before we forked over out hard earned money, the guarantee the salesperson told us was that we could exchange the matress in 30 days. We find the spongie top too hot at night and have asked for an exchange only to find that the very, very find print on the contract supersedes what the salesperson said. The fine print says an exchange can occur for a model of equal or greater value.

    I told the salesperson I thought the spongie tops were too warm and he said the new models don't have that problem.

    If anyone can help with this, please call me at 847-951-3869.


  • Ca
      20th of Mar, 2008
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    We purchased a Serta mattress and box springs in May 2006 from John V. Schultz in Erie, Pa. They said it had a 10 year warranty. In less than two years, it has dips in the middle where we both lay. A person came out from the store to measure these dips. They were 2 inches deep and he said it was enough to replace it. However, the large tag was off the mattress (which was not on when delivered), so they said the company would not honor the warranty. Though the mattress was very comfortable in the beginning, it is now causing my wife to have backaches. That is the very reason we replaced our old mattress. I agree with others on your Complaint Board who are having the same problem with your mattresses. What good is a a warranty if it is not honored.

  • Sa
      30th of Apr, 2008
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    We purchased a Serta mattress from American Mattress in Lake Zurich on 3/3/08. The sticker was $2799, they gave it to us for $1734. We were told by the high pressure salesman, Tony, at the time that we could return it if we weren't happy because they have a 30 day comfort guarantee. Two and one half weeks after delivery it began to sag on my 180 lb. husband's side. I went into the store I purchased it at and was told by Dennis the salesman that the mattresses are delivered with a lot of air in them and to get my kids to walk on it every day for a few days and it should be fine. I did like an idiot for a week and a half. No results. I went back into the store and told them I wanted a refund because this should not be happening to a 2 1/2 week old mattress. I was told by Tony, the salesman, they don't do returns, only exchanges and we would have to pay for delivery again. He suggested to either pay an independent company $45 to come and inspect the mattress or I could try spinning the mattress (head to toe) to even out the sagging. I explained to him that shouldn't need to be done to a one month old mattress and that I wanted to return it. He gave me Serta's phone number and told me to call them. I called when I left the store only to be informed that I need to file a claim through the store. They also suggested I speak to the regional manager. I went back to the store (20 minutes after I left) and told Tony (the salesman) what Serta told me. He did not give me the regional manager's # but put me on the phone with Jerry. Jerry suggested I try one of their Vera Wang model mattresses. When I got off the phone I told Tony this. He basically did everything he could to get me out of the store quickly. He did NOT show me any additional mattresses even though I asked two or three times. He then informs me that the memory foam in the mattress is of course going to "conform to the body's pressure areas". I informed him that he did not let us know that before we purchased the mattress. At that point I went online and got Jerry's phone number. I called and left a message. When we finally got in touch with him, he told my husband to go to the Mundelein store because they have a bigger selection and that is where he works out of. I went to the Mundelein store 4/23/08 only to find Dennis, the person who told me to walk on the mattress to get rid of the air, covering for Jerry who was off that day. Dennis showed me some of the mattresses and I was leaning towards the Vera Wang Calm. He told me the sticker was $2399 for a king. I asked him what the best deal was and he told me approximately $1800. At that point I asked why I would pay more for a bed with a lesser sticker price than the one I purchased. I was informed that it is a better bed and it has a 30 year warranty versus the 20 year warranty that the other one had. I told him I would talk to my husband about it. Went in to Mundelein again 4/30/08. Explained the situation to yet another salesman. He informed me that the Serta Enlivenment I had purchased was a clearance item and that is probably why we got such a good price. I informed him that no one told me it was a clearance item when I purchased it. Told him to call Jerry and see what the best price was on the Vera Wang Calm. Jerry informs him that there are no additional discounts, the sticker price is $2634. I guess everyone from American Mattress just makes up whatever they choose to make a sale. SHAME ON YOU SERTA AND AMERICAN MATTRESS!

  • Bo
      11th of Sep, 2008
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    My 4.5 yr old Serta Masterpiece had a spring pop out. To make a claim on my 10 yr warranty I had to pay $50 in person. They would not let me charge it over the phone. A major inconvenience and rip off. I would not recommend them.

  • Ga
      26th of Dec, 2008
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    We bought the top of the line mattress with an air chamber, which was guaranteed to hold it's air for at least one year.
    So we spent (foolishly) our $2400. Needless to say it started to sag and loose air after several weeks.
    I called American Mattress and they were so arrogant and just didn't want to help that the call erupted into an argument. Eventually we were able to contact the Regional Manager, John Bontkowski, who was now at the Northbrook store. He agreed that the mattress we bought were a gimmick and did not work well. So he gave us credit towards another mattress. We selected a high end Vera Wang mattress. Well it started to sag after just two months. Now neither me or my wife are large people (she is 130 lbs. and I am 180 lbs.). This was causing us back and knee problems. We were like two old people when we would get out of bed. So here we go again. But this time American Mattress has been totally unresponsive. John has never called us back. He is in the Head office in Elmhurst. I plan on calling or visiting the president MICHAEL KENNA, 757 Larch ave. Elmhurst, IL 60126 and complaining in person.
    If anyone wants to contact me please email me at, my name is Gary.
    Oh one more thing. They say to pay $50 to have someone come out and measure the sag in the mattress. If it is over 1.5 inches they will replace it. Problem is that after you get off the mattress the sag tends to go away so they will not
    replace it.

  • Ga
      26th of Dec, 2008
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  • Ka
      6th of Jan, 2009
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    DO NOT BUY FROM AMERICAN MATTRESS. Their mattresses are so poorly designed. I just got a mattress last Friday 10/31/08 and it is SO UNCOMFORTABLE. There is a huge sag in the mattress that wont come back up. I called first thing Monday morning and was given the run around. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I asked them to please come and get the mattress out of my house and THEY REFUSE. NO RETURN POLICY.

    My credit card company will not allow me to dispute this charge due to the fact that I still have the merchandise. American Mattress will not take it back and I have no where to return this 1, 700.00 king size Vera Wang, uncomfortable mattress.

    My 10 yr old mattress was more comfortable Why doesn't American Mattress stand by their product? BECAUSE IT'S A FRAUD COMPANY RIPPING PEOPLE OFF. SHAME ON YOU AMERICAN MATTRESS.


    I was allowed to exchanged the mattress. The mattress feels just like the mattress they exchanged it for. It' sags bad. I am not happy and American Mattress REFUSES to allow me to return the mattress. I will NEVER do business with them again, nor will I EVER give a referral to this place. All they care about is making money. They do not stand by their product. PERIOD. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

    American Mattress only sells Sealy and if u do decide to ever buy from them, you better love the mattress, because you cannot return it and their product is not cheap, yet VERY UNCOMFORTABLE

  • Cl
      24th of Feb, 2010
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    I borth a spinal care in back home in Trinidad and every night as we lay on the mattess it sink the compony send someone to look at it and take it back and repair it but it is the same

  • Ka
      3rd of Mar, 2010
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    we purchased a mattress and box spring from American Mattress in Kenosha WI in June, 09. within 2 months it started making noises, which got worse and louder over month. We at first thought it was our frame coming loose, but everything was snug and secure. It was the boards in the box spring creaking, and the covering was already wearing through! They did exchange it, but with a very cheap box spring that only lasted 10 days before a board broke! Now they will not do any thing for us unless we pay $100 or more! They are even going so far as to say it is the fault of our frame. The mattress is also sagging. DO NOT PATRONIZE AMERICAN MATTRESS.

  • Da
      6th of Mar, 2010
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    The only answer to these problems you guys are experiencing is to tell everyone you know to not shop at these so called Mattress retailers. In my shopping this different retailers i've experienced every type of personality you can name. Some guys are knowledgeable and helpful. Most are pushy and keep showing the most expensive items. Don't let their trickery fool you. They smile and act concerned because they are really sharks in disguise. And always know that the price is flexible. If you are looking at say a 1000 dollar set, if you are savvy enough you can get that item for about 750. So if your squeamish, shop else where. But if you are an aggressive person that can win an arguement... you'll save money! happy hunting. All Bedding stores are the same. Don't pay these guys your hard earned money. Joe K from a different site said it best, someone call fox news and do a big story on these guys. I bet its some illegal tactics going on

  • Bl
      14th of Oct, 2011
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    This is ridiculous that so many of us are experiencing sagging mattresses between 6 months to a year. I think we need to report this to channel 7 news. I feel like I am pulling myself out of quick sand every time I get in my bed and I bought it October, 2010.

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