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I am an ex-employee of American laser centers and every complaint is true on here now when trying to get a refund they will tell you it will take 4-6 weeks (not true) Demand your refund with in 1-2 weeks and make sure you get the 10% they try to take from you.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in San Diego, CA Even if you have had treatment you can still get a refund don't let them tell you otherwise. They discount based on what you look like if you look poor they'll drop the price if you look rich they'll give you the minimum discount for the month. Some managers are great and some can be MEAN!!! do your self the favor and don't go to ALC.

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  • Te
      Nov 03, 2008

    BEWARE of Velashape procedure at American Laser Center. I received a supposed Third Place prize of $300 towards any service at ALC. I went to my local Brentwood TN branch as I was interested in the Cellullite Reduction service - called Velashape. The manager - Melissa was very nice. She ranted and raved about the new inproved machine. AFter I saw the forms that said no refunds and that results could not be guaranteed I asked if she had ever had anyone not receive results. She said she had never seen a "non-responder". She said at most some people may need a few more treatments to get optimal results. I paid $2600 for 5 treatments and guess what? No results. My cellulite looked exactly the same. I understood that they could not guarantee specific results but I got NO results. She said she would send my file to the Doctors for review and after following up many times she kept saying she hadnt heard back. I called corporate who told me there was no refund. I said that should not apply to someone who received NO results. She said she would speak with the Regional Manager and I have heard nothing. I sent a letter to the CEO and still nothing. BEWARE! I am still going to fight this as $2600 is not chump change and not money I can just give to a company when I was just trying to do something nice for myself. If this was a legitimate and upstanding company they would refund me as a "non-responder". Since that was the managers term and not mine it has obviously happened!

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  • Ch
      Nov 20, 2008

    how can you get a refund after you have completed the service and the warranty and still have hair? they refuse to give me more treatments after warranty and the hair never left my legs.

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  • Cl
      Dec 03, 2009

    How do I get the 10% they will try to take from me? I am in the process of getting a refund and canceling the credit card they signed me up for without my permission. (Medchoice Financial)

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  • Ci
      May 26, 2017

    I agree with the complaints that are posted. I had "laser hair removal" and the vela shape to reduce the fat. I had no results from both treatments. AND I'm still making payments. Boy do I feel stupid!!! If I could get my money back I would fight for the $2, 000.00+. If there is a class action law suite I hope I'm included.

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