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American Laser Centers / Unsatisfied!

1 Metairie, LA, United States Review updated:
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My mother and I have had SEVERAL procedures done and have found NO results from any of them. They actually BURNED my face at one point. They have refused to show me before & after pictures of any of the procedures. For the Amera smooth I went 3 times a week 21 times. They took measurements my first time & photos. They took photos for the final procedure, but no measurements. I have ALWAYS been small in build and am heavier now than I was at 9 months pregnant. I have gained 20 lbs in 4 months in the areas they did the procedure on. I have also done the skin tightening, photo facial & hair removal with NO RESULTS. I have used their skin products which I see NO difference in. Aveeno is better. I am at the point of hiring a lawyer. i am scared the only thing they may have done is irreversible damage to my skin & body. My next appointment is with a dermatologist. DO NOT USE AMERICAN LASER CENTERS, it is a fraud and all they try to do is sell, sell, sell. You cannot even email them a complaint because then you would have proof you contacted them.

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  • Ev
      28th of Feb, 2008
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    I am not happy with the results of the treatment that I received. I went to the Westspringfiel location because I have brown spots on my face and after the treatment I do not see any change in my face. I want my money back.

  • Al
      3rd of Mar, 2008
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    Hello Charisse and Evelyn,

    I represent American Laser Centers and we would like to apologize that you were not satisfied with your experience at American Laser Centers. We also thank you for your candid posts about your experience at one of our clinics.

    As you may already know, American Laser Centers recently changed ownership. We have a newly expanded team focusing on customer service.

    We are deeply concerned that you were not satisfied with your American Laser Centers experience. We’d like to personally discus your specific case and receive all of your feedback. Please contact our newly expanded customer service department at (877) 252-2010. If you’d like us to contact you instead, please provide your contact information to my email below and we will contact you at a time and day of your convenience.

    American Laser Centers has performed more than two million treatments since the company’s founding in 2002. We are currently performing for than 50,000 treatments per month. Based on this deep experience, we have the lowest rate of incidents and injuries in the industry. Physicians not affiliated with American Laser Centers report an incident and injury rate of 4% of those treated. American Laser Centers’ rate is much lower – less than 0.05%.

    American Laser Centers’ customer service center is happy to personally help you with your needs and will provide a swift response to your concern.

    Thank you,


  • Cy
      15th of Apr, 2008
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    I have had 2 treatments of the Amera smooth & haven't lost a cm. my thigh was a 23 the first session & this morning it's still a 23. They took before pictures & pictures after each treatment which I have asked to see but they will not show me. I bought 4 treatments & I just cancelled the one for today, because this concerns me! I do not want to grow anymore in these problem areas!! I also have spent several thousands of dollars in laser hair removal which I have experienced a whole lot of pain but no results, I am going on my 4th session of 6! I was reassured this procedure (hair removal) was guaranteed, they would continue with treatment if the hair does not go away. I have about $6, 000. in American laser, I need to speak with someone, and not another sales person, I want straight answers if this is going to work.

  • De
      20th of Apr, 2008
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    Same bad experience here. I went to american laser center last year (june 2007) for sun spots on my face. I have been told I would see the diffrence in 2 sessions. I purchased 6 session photo facial treatments, during those treatments I've got burned few times, the last one was the worst of all (March 2008). First they used the wrong settings for my face, when I complaint they kept saying this is highest setting that they can use, can't get higher. After my 6th session someone told me that they have been using the wrong settings all along and changed it to the right settings for my face. Since then I have received 3 sessions and I start seeing the difference. My last appointment was supposed to be this week and I received a call from the district manager of American Laser Center in Naples, FL (becuse all her managers and techs quit on her) she said that I have been given 3 free sessions and now I should buy a new package in order to continue my treatments. When I explained her why I did receive those free sessions she was insist that she sees a difference on my pictures. I told her to get an eye glasses to look at them again because my face haven't seen any sun almost a year and I'm looking at it everyday that I could't see any difference before the last session. She added that photo facial is not a guarentee to get rid of spots that I have on my face. Therfore why should I purchase another package??? We didn't hang up on good terms.

    There are another guarantee treatsments out there costs $4000 that I regret everyday that I waste my money on this treatment instead. American laser center changed ownership afew months ago and since then every time I went there something was broken, they ignore all the machines. If you don't want to look like worse than you walked in, I recommend not to go to American Laser Center for any treatments, save your money for something else.

  • Re
      16th of Mar, 2010
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    I bought a package of 6 microderm abraisons in mid November 2009 at the Naples, FL location. They closed their doors and told me that I could get my services done at thier Bonita Springs a one hour drive from my house rather than a 20 minute drive. I asked to be refunded b/c they sold me the package when they had full knowledge that they were closing this location. They did not tell me they were closing this location but I called the leasing company of the strip mall that were located in and the leasing agent told me that ALC Naples had given them a 3 month notice that they were moving. SO, they sold me a package with knowledge that they were not longer going to be in business at that location. Now, I tried to reverse the charge on my credit card but I lost the dispute b/c ALC has clauses in their contract that protect THEM...I cannot get out of the contract even if they close all FL locations and tell me I have to get my services performed in Timbucktoo. Geez...I plan on pursuing this through the civil courts b/c I have proof that they sold me a package and had knowledge that they were closing their doors. I have no complaints about the services that I had performed in the past at the Naples location, but will not be driving one hour north to another city to get the services that I bought under the representation that they would be performed in the Naples location. Corporate would not return my calls, so I have not other choice but to deal with this through the civil court process.

  • Mi
      19th of Jul, 2015
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    Please contact me at

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