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American Laser Centers / Horrible customer service

1 8802 S Madison suit FGreenwood, IN, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 317-888-9680

This will be short and simple. Do not go to any American Laser Centers. Especially the clinic in
Greenwood, IN. I just recently moved in the area looking for a place to receive great hair removal BUT OH MY GOD I was in for a nasty treat when I step foot in this place. My first tx was terrible some new girl burned me, at first I was going to let it slide, but I called and spoke to the manager Amanda her name needs to be AIR HEAD INSTEAD she was very short with me and rude she even had the nerve to say she was having a bad day and was very red in the face. But to make a long story short I for gave her. Funny me and Amanda even became friends, and she gave me corporates phone number for a friend of mine in Miami, FL that is having problems at the clinic there.[protected] aks to speak to or leave a message for the regional mgr or HR. STILL PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THE GREENWOOD, IN CLINIC those girls need to be retrained.

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  • Hs
      15th of Aug, 2009
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    I have just read all of the other posts regarding American Laser and it is amazing how we have ALL experienced the same treatment-nationwide!! I was burnt two weeks ago by having a Photo-facial done. I stood at the reception desk and made other appointments, all the while the technician was looking right at me and booking these appointments. I walked home, and as I did, my face felt very tight and burnt. The best way to describe the feeling-go to the beach, splash some ocean water on your face and then bake in the sun for twelve hours! That's how I felt. When I got home, I went into the bathroom to put on more of the "special" American Laser Post Laser Cream...mmm...and when I looked in the mirror I was horrified. I had several burns on my cheeks, bilaterally, and a huge burn on my forehead. I could not believe this technician looked at me and booked appointments and never said a thing about how my face looked. After speaking with the manager, I realized that this company will try to put the blame on you in one form or another, and not take responsibility for any of it. What's funny, the manager tried to offer me another package for other treatments, rather than refunding me my $2600.00. I told her that in no way was I going near another laser. My daughter works in the industry and she warned me about this place and Sleek. She worked for both companies for a very short time. She told me horror stories as to how most of the technicians are not trained to do laser and do not carry a license to do most of the procedures. She left both companies for those reasons and would not have her name/reputation connected to them. She has since worked in other spa's and she said that if the consumers could see the difference, then anyone even contemplating going to either Am. Laser or Sleek should run! So, long of the short-I am seeking legal counsel due to the unprofessional treatment, and the fact that I was BURNT. They do not take any responsibility for that, amazing. The tech was so rude when I went in to fill out an incident form. She refused to help me obtain the forms and copies of information in my chart. The lack of customer service is just overwhelming. WARNING: NEVER GO TO, OR REFER AMERICAN LASER-EVER!!! Spread the word ladies.

  • Ac
      26th of Apr, 2011
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    Des Moines IA West Des Moines Clinic is very unprofessional also, TRAIN YOUR PPL IN CUSTOMER SERVICE, have them answer the phones and call ppl back, we are paying YOU for services rendered, customer service included!!!

  • Pi
      30th of Apr, 2011
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    I used tothere and you would be correct about the way the office is ran. They hire girls and then in 3 days throw them into a treatment that they have never performed before without any training or experience. The manager that used to run that place quit as far as I know and they still dont have another one. Amanda was a raging ### anyway so there is no big loss there. The reason that no one answers the phone is cuz they pack clients in like sardines and they have no receptionist. That location is an absolute mess. Shea is the one running things now cuz they cant find someone to be the clinic manager. She is incredibly unqualified. She could care less about what happens to the clients or the people that work there. She is there for a paychech with minimal effort. You can usually catch her on her cell phone texting or ordering people around to do work for her. She also has no manegeral experience to be dealing with employees. Her idea of communicating is sending a text message. I worked there for only a short time and you couldnt pay me enough to go back to that hell hole. We burned people constantly and they just cover it up as if nothing happend. They make you work a 10 hour day with no lunch breaks or even a 15 minute break to use the rest room. They also need help so badly that they keep the ### workers they have cuz they cant afford to let them go and start all over with people who actually give a ### about their jobs. The corporation is incredibly unethical. They will do anything to make a dollar. they dont care if you see results or not, they just want your money. Once you give it to them its incredibly difficult to request a refund because corporate is the ones who issue the refunds and they could care less about getting them done. American Laser Center is the biggest scam! They treat there employees like crap along with clients.

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