American Laser Center / Incomplete treatment

Bonita Springs, FL, United States

American Laser Cener really has a very good scam going on. They convince you to sign up for the treatment, they take your money up-front (shame on me) and when something goes wrong... you have no one to contact other than the "customer service" department and all they are paid to do is take phone calls. You can't reach a manger, you definitely can't reach the so called, CEO. I paid for a treatment that was supposed to go on each week without interruption in order for it to work. I was re-scheduled on more than one occasion and then the office just closed and has been closed now for almost 2 months. Every time I call, I am told that the office will re-open and I am given a different date. My only recourse is to get an attorney to try and get my $2300.00 back. Again, shame on me!


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