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This company has now blocked me from responding to other people's complaints on FaceBook. They have also blocked me from sending them a private message. (This is what happens when you complain to them.)

They will not cancel our policies through the agents who signed us up
In fact, those agents won't even returned our phone calls now.
We have also tried calling their main phone number in Waco Texas, but no one will help us there either.

We have now sent emails and mailed written requests for our policies to be cancelled. Hopefully that will work.

  • Updated by SCAM American Income Life Insurance, Mar 14, 2017

    Beware !!! American Income Life Insurance Company is a 100% scam.
    I warn you:
    1. Do not, under any circumstances give them your address.
    2. Do not, under ANY circumstances allow them into your home.
    3. Do not, under ANY circumstances sign anything.
    4. Do not, under any circumstances, allow them to take a DNA swab.
    5. Do not, under any circumstances give names/numbers of anyone you know.
    6. Do not, under any circumstances give them your e-mail password.

    For these reasons:
    1. They never send you an actual written policy.
    2. They will not allow you to cancel your policy/policies.
    *The main Texas office [protected]) will NOT cancel your policies (even after multiple written requests and multiple phone calls)
    *They will 'lose' your written requests for cancellation.
    *Your local agent will NOT cancel your policy/policies.
    * The main office in Texas [protected]) will keep you on hold forever (1hour +)
    *Your local agent will not return your phone calls.
    *Your local agent's email address is often invalid.
    *Mailing your cancellation requests (PO Box 2608, Waco TX 76797) will NOT CANCEL your policy/policies.
    3. They bill your debit account sometimes more than once a month.
    4. After you've requested cancellation (from the local agent & the Texas office)
    You will still be charged monthly premiums (at least once or twice per month.)
    5. They prey on young people and the elderly.
    6. They obtain your DNA, via a swab during your initial appointment.
    7. They ask for your actual password to your email account.
    8. They have no local office phone number.
    9. Local agent(s) will NOT return your calls if you have a problem.
    10. The main (Texas?) office [protected]) will not cancel your account.
    11. You will never receive any type of refund.
    12. You MUST open a new bank account in order to stop these auto-billings.

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  • Ye
      Oct 11, 2017

    We have been trying to cancel our life insurance policy for 6 months! We've sent forms in the mail which they claim they haven't received and we have faxed them too! We don't know what to do besides contact the Insurance Commissioner.
    Have they cancelled your policy or sent the refund?

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