American Home Shieldcustomer service/reps are liars/don't honor contracts

My husband and I have been with AHS for many years and had no real problems until late last year and continuing this year. Last year, we had problems with our plumbing vents and continuous stoppages. Actually had 2 reps during these requests for service (1) tell me not to pour grease down my sink, and (2) not to flush baby wipes down the toilet. Um, excuse me? My responses were to tell the first rude rep that i do NOT pour grease or anything like it into my sink, nor the garbage disposal and that it was unprofessional to assume anything unless a tech had proof after being sent to inspect my complaint, and after she hung up on me, i called back to talk to her supervisor, who wouldn't pick up and talk to me, nor deal with her ghetto employee and ended up talking to a different rep. The second one who told me not to flush baby wipes was told by me that I did NOT, in fact, have a baby, and therefore had no use for baby wipes, but thanks for diagnosing my request for service over the phone, and hinted that her psychic diagnosis saved me a 75.00 service call fee, and I couldn't believe she actually had the neeve to act indignant, and promptly put me on hold, but never picked back up. This year, our dryer pretty much tanked, it was starting to singe some items and then abruptly just quit working.they sent a sears tech, who confirmed it was simply old, the dryer motor had finally wore out, as well as the drum and another part. Cost of parts to repair far exceeded the cost to replace, so after the tech submitted his findings, they told him him no, we'll repair the motor, but not the drum or oher part, and when you do the motor repair, let us know how it is and we'll decide if we can do the other 2 parts. Wth? Last time i checked, ahs says they will repair and/or replace whichever is more cost effective. All this time (almost 3 weeks) i have no dryer, must take wet clothes to a laundromat, more money for me out of pocket. I kept calling and i finally convinced them we wanted to replace it, period. So they tell me that they'll be sending a check for 398.00 to replace the dryer and should get it in about 14 days. What a sorry bunch of cheapskates, has anyone priced modest clothes dryers lately? 500 and up. Well, check got here, and true to their reputation of lying and basically doing whatever they please, the check was shorted by 75.00. I'm wondering, did they split my 75.00 amongst them, or did just one person pocket it? Stay away from this scam company, liars and thieves, not a respectable company, and will spend more time trying to find ways to NOT honor their own contract than they do to simply do the right thing. How do you people sleep at night?

Mar 22, 2016

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