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American Education Services is the worst student loan company anywhere! I have $80, 000 in student loans between Direct Loans and Express Loans. I recently consolidated all of my loans with Direct Loans. Direct Loans paid off Express Loans and sent them a check for the amount I owed them. However, Express loans sold my loan to American Express Services in the middle of my consolidation. AES received my loan AND the pay off check from Express Loans via Direct Loans. Despite AES having the check they continued to try and collect over $300 a month from me in student loans. After numerous phone calls to AES someone over there finally made the connection that they had received a check from Direct Loans paying off the balance and said I did not owe anything further. I thought it was over until I began getting threatening letters from AES stating I now owed an addition $78 claiming the pay off amount wasn’t enough to cover the balance. I fought with AES supervisors over the phone for weeks and finally conceded out of sheer stress and frustration to pay the remainder. I called AES again to confirm that if I paid the $78 I would not receive another bill for interest accrued or anything else. They not only agreed that would be the end it but emailed me this information as well. Last week I received another letter from AES saying I owed about $13.00 and a threat to report it to my credit saying my account is 56 days delinquent! Are you kidding me?? I went to the online account and it shows I owe $95 dollars but my total student loans with AES are .13 cents. .13 CENTS! You do the math! What is wrong with these people?? What is wrong with their billing system?! I feel they are holding me hostage with this nickel and diming because they continue to threaten my credit and I have no choice but to pay. Oh and here is the icing on the cake….I have been complaining to Direct Loans about AES and they sent an additional check to AES for the $78, that I had already paid. So not only did they get my money, they got paid again by Direct Loans and they are continuing to harass me over these new small balances that I DO NOT OWE!

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      Apr 14, 2011

    Same Issue with ASC on a 2000 Chrysler concorde. I suggest you cancel the warranty and get back the rest of the money.

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  • There is no 'warranty' on student loans. This happens majority of the time when Direct Loans receives an LVC (loan verification certificate) and expected payoff amount. By the time the send the monies, the date has past of the previously adjusted payoff amount, there additional monies is owed and there is an underpayment. No fault of AES. Just a matter of timing between monies being sent between companies. It has to be nickel and diming. If they allowed every student to get away with even as little as a .1 on each millions of accounts they have, that adds up to a crap load of money on which falls on them to pay to the lenders, therefore losing millions of dollars. Its the way of business.

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