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American Dental Concepts / Service

1 Philadelphia, PA, United States Review updated:

American Dental Concepts is the worst. If you can help it avoid them. I have two children who have braces. My children are school aged and we can never get a weekend or evening appointment. They constantly miss school and I miss work. They over book their appointments so you end up sitting most of the day. They are dragging out my childrens care and I can not switch to another ortho clinic because my insurance has already paid ADC for the braces and maintenance. Their Center City and City Line Avenue offices are the horrible. They are slow and the time spent waiting is 3 times as long as the time they spend in the chair. They sent my child to a "specialist" in east giblip for a referral and the "specialist" they referred could not see what the orthodontist was talking about and sent us on our way. That was a day of school and work wasted. Steer clear of this chain, and do your research when looking for a good Dentist/Orthodontist. I wish I had. They are horrible.

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      22nd of Feb, 2010
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    I am also having a number of problems with American Dental Concepts! I have invisalign through them and it has been a nightmare almost the entire time. My original doctor, who was only a dentist by the way, had to leave and move to California for some sort of family emergency halfway through my trays. Then I had to transfer to another office nowhere near where I live to a place with no parking! I made my first appointment with the new office to pick up my next set of trays only to discover that my trays had been sent to the location in NE Philadelphia to which I had been told that I would have to go pick them up there. When I visited there, they ushered me to the back right away, but I didn't see the orthodontist for about 45 minutes and only then because he noticed me sitting in the waiting area waiting for him! No one told him that I was a patient for him to see that day! Finally I got my trays that day and they sent the rest of them to the right office.

    Now the problem was that there is only one orthodontist team for the whole greater Philadelphia area and they have to travel to all the different offices, so they are only in certain offices on certain days. So there is no flexibility with appointments. Not only that, but when I schedule an appointment, no matter what time of day it is, I show up on time and wait in the waiting area for at least 45 minutes (sometimes over an hour). Then they take me back to a chair only to wait to see the orthodontist for at least another 15 minutes. Then you only see the orthodontist for about 30 seconds and have no opportunities to ask questions. He only asks what number tray you are on and dispenses the next three and says make an appointment and come back in another 6 weeks.

    Well now I am having other problems. I think because my original doctor was only a dentist and not an orthodontist (which I did not know at the time) there are problems with my invisalign. I was supposed to be finished almost 3 months ago, but my teeth aren't actually straight. So there was some sort of problem with the initial ordering of the trays I believe. So now I am trying to order a revision to correct the teeth that are still crooked. I went in almost 2 months ago for new impressions and everything (it is quite a process) and was told to wait for them to call me. So 2 months go by and I haven't heard anything so I try to call to see if my revisions are in. It was a Friday, which is the day they are usually in my office, so I called and they weren't there. So they transferred me to the location where they were that day and the lady has to call me back. She did call me back quickly the first time, but only to say that now they can't even find me in the invisalign system! So I'm supposed to wait for her to call back again. More than an hour goes by and I hear nothing, so I call back and she says she has to talk to her boss who isn't in until Monday plus I think she has the facts wrong because said that I am with the female orthodontist when I am not really with either of them. I don't know what is going to happen now. The lady was supposed to call me back today. It is 1:30 and she hasn't yet. I called and they are conveniently at lunch until 2 so hopefully they will call back and I can find out what is going on!

    This place is terrible! Never go here for anything. The other comment is 100% correct. The staff is rude and they barely pay attention to you when they are there. They are only concerned with making the almighty dollar by cramming as many appointments into a day as possible.

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