Amerada Hess / Horrible employee and enviroment!!

My name is Michael Walker and I have been a customer of the Amerada Hess store # 9401, located on 9489 East Gulf to lake highway 44.I have been shopping at this same location for 20 years now, since the before it was even Hess, I have been a loyal customer since day 1 and I have always enjoyed going into the store up until recently.I have never ever had to write a complaint before but it has gotten to where I will no longer shop in that location again until something is done about this.On Sunday, December 7th about 6:40 am I pulled up to the gas pumps with a few of my friends.I was filling up my gas tank and went to throw something away and noticed that the garbage was so full that it was over flowing, there was no water to wash my windows in almost all of the garbage cans and the ones that had water either had no tool to wash the windows or the water looked so nasty that I wouldn't have touched it, then to top it off I went to get a paper towel and not one of atleast 14 garbage cans had not one paper towel in them.Now this is not the first time this has happend, nor is it the first time I have had to deal with the nasty emplyee Jennifer either.Me and my friends walked in the store to buy the other items we needed the cashier was so busy that I didn't want to bother her so I had saw the other employy Jennifer walk in a few moments ago so I went up to her and asked her if she could give me some information, It has gotten past the point of dealing with the store manager because she hasn't been doing anything with the situation for a while now and I know she knew.Jennfier would not give me any information and was totally rude and nasty which is not the first time.She never greets people, asks them how there day was, says "thankyou", she never even smiles, I don't think she knows how to smile.She never should around customers.I found out her name when I walked outside from a women who is having the same problems as me and said she knew people who had made complaints also and nothing is being done because is the women didn't tell me her name I wouldn't have known because she flat out said she wasn't going to give it to me and there is no name tag.I guess Hess would rather lose customers then take care of the situation.I have been going to this store for a very long time and would like to return as well as alot of other people I know but I won't shop there again until something is done about this situation.


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