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[Resolved] Am Resorts / Unlimited Vacation Club

Posted: Jun 29, 2013 by    

Misleading and lies - i know because i worked there

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Dominican Republic
It's a scam. . . Do not purchase with this club! I went through training there and they teach you how to sell ''air''. The managers teaching us referred to this product as ''air'' and showed us how to sell ''air'' to clients! They sell a discount program. Members of unlimited vacation club receive 25% off hotel rooms, but if you go through expedia or any online travel service, you'll find cheaper rates than they can get you. The cost of this membership to stay at secrets, zoetry, now, dreams or any other am resorts is $50, 000 for a 50 year membership! If you continue to say ''no'' to the price, they will drop the price all the way down to $5, 000 for a 10 year membership! The more you say ''no'' the lower the price gets. It's all about the commissions to be made and their paychecks.

Am resorts / unlimited vacation club is a new company, just a few years old and it's the worst company i have ever worked for. I have been in the vacation industry for many, many years and i do own a vacation club membership, as well as a timeshare, but never would i buy anything from am resorts / unlimited vacation club. It's companies like this one who give vacation clubs and timeshares a bad name.

Many people complain about how timeshares and / or vacation clubs rip you off and don't work, but if you know how to use them properly, they definitely work. My husband and i, along with our family, have vacationed all over the place, including going to different countries, and i can honestly say that we would have never been able to go and stay in 2 or 3 bedroom suites if we didn't have our timeshare or vacation club membership. It's been great being able to travel and stay in luxury, but with am resorts / unlimited vacation club, to pay even $5, 000 upfront just for a 25% discount is crazy. They also use rci, the same exchange company we use, but to exchange my time to go someplace different, we pay $200. 00 and unlimited vacation club charges $549. 00 to make the exact same exchange! They rip you off in every which way they can and have no problem doing so. They don't have the consumers best interest in mind, only how much money the company will make.

The resorts that am resorts / unlimited vacation clubs have are absolutely beautiful, but to pay that kind of money to get only a 25% discount is ridiculous. If you do decide to join the club and find you have a problem, forget about it, you're on your own.

For the first time in my many years of being in the vacation industry, i had some problems with discrimination and defamation of character and i tried to resolve these problems by trying to contact the ceo of am resorts / unlimited vacation club, alejandro zozaya gorostiza, and after numerous emails and calls, i received no response at all from her. I also emailed numerous times with absolutely no response to the executive vice president, gonzalo del peon, the vice president of sales and marketing, collette baruth, and the senior director of sales, matthew mullen. These people in this company didn't even have the courtesy to respond to any of my emails just to see what was happening at the unlimited vacation club. It has been 2 weeks with no response from anyone. If they can't respond back to the people who make them money, do you really think they will respond back to you if you need some help? No, no and no!

There are so many timeshare and vacation clubs out there that have what am resorts / unlimited vacation club does not have like integrity, professionalism, compassion, and honesty. Do your research about the company before you ever give any company your hard earned money. If you go on a presentation and they say '' this offer is good for today only'' they are lying. You can go back anytime and receive the exact same package they offered you. They do that because they want to earn your business that day and for no other reason. This applies to both timeshares and vacation clubs. Even if they have you sign a paper stating you can not come back the next day, or any other day, and receive any of the first visit incentives, you can. Those papers are all bogus! They try and tell you it's a legal document and it is not.

So my advice to all of you is to stay clear from am resorts / unlimited vacation club. They are filled with empty promises and all they want is your money for purchasing ''air'' so they get a paycheck that week. Trust me, i worked there, but only for a few days. I quit after i saw how they were scamming the consumers.

Best of luck to everyone and happy vacationing:)

Resolution statement

Unlimited Vacation Club customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the client have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where company image and it's services are concerned.
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N  13th of Aug, 2013 by    -1 Votes
Too late. How do we get our deposit back with no cancellation clause protection in contract!!
N  22nd of Aug, 2013 by    -3 Votes
Same here. Only upon our return i noticed that there was no cancellation clause in the contract. I did however mail out a letter signed by my husband and I that we want to cancel our contract and mailed it out to the Miami office. We bought our membership on Aug. 13th so we are within the 10 days of rescinding our contract, but not sure if it will go through.
A  6th of Sep, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Terrible service its, a scam i feel i threw away my money . The benéfits you are supposed to get Don't exist, i have tried to make the most of it but everytime i book and i go i end up complaining because they give you the worst rooms. And i paid for a platinum membership! Very dissapointing really.
N  18th of Sep, 2013 by    +9 Votes
Signed a contract too, gave a deposit, got home realized I got scammed. I stopped payment on the contract, now they have threatened to send to legal dept. to collect. Would like to know if any else has done the same as me, and were threatened, what the out come was, and did it affect their credit. Thanks Scott
A  20th of Sep, 2013 by    +1 Votes
We signed up for Unlimited Vacation Club almost 1 year ago. This first issue we had and that was resolved was the charges to my credit card. All the representatives on the sales site indicated that this was a US company located in Miami Florida. That is not 100% truthful. UVC has a location in Florida, but the corporate headquarters is located outside the US. That means for most credit cards, there is a monthly foreign transaction fee. UVC did change the billing to automatic debits from my checking account and credited my charge card the one or two months of payments that were charged. Then my credit card company refunded the fees. That worked out. The latest communication from UVC is for about a 7% discount to payoff my balance early. 7% is not nearly enough. Please read the reviews at trip advisor prior to your vacation so you know what to expect. The resorts are beautiful. But an individual can get a better deal on the internet with a little effort. I wish I had done that. Now for my current issue, UVC and/or GBS International will not honor with any member benefits reservations made outside of their proprietary reservations system. UVC claims a 25% reduction in hotel prices, excursions and transfer from the airport to the resort. You can get a better deal, buy doing the work yourself or even going through a travel agent for a total package. We made a reservation through a travel agent and UVC/GBS International is not honoring the member benefits. This is not even using the weeks the contract has provided. We will use the weeks and then cancel the membership. There is not a value with this club.
A  24th of Sep, 2013 by    +5 Votes
They are dishonest and try to renegotiate any chance they can... After you fight with them to get what you were promised, they give it to you but only if you sign away something else you were promised. There is supposed to be a 10 day recision period in the contract per Mexican law and an organization called profeco, but there isn't and they tell you there is no cancelation period.
A  3rd of Oct, 2013 by    +4 Votes
Not worth the price, I too feel that I got taken for my money. I have searched for vacation packages from travel sites and compared to UVC, there isn't any real savings, sometimes its cheaper thru other websites. Stay away, these people take advantage on the fact that we are on vacation and we are not really thinking about working by researching the club before purchasing. UVC is really building a bad reputation and hopefully every traveler gets this information.
A  9th of Oct, 2013 by    +1 Votes
Cierto es una estafa porque te venden un sueno de esos maravillosos descuentos de hasta un 60% y esa semana por u$250.00 dolares, cuando todo es falsedad porque lo que dice el contrato es un 25%, todo es una fabula, te cobran por adelantado los descuentos que te van hacer en 30 o 50 anos, eso es solo negocio para ellos AM RESORTS, si dejas de pagar recibes amenazas de la dichosa obligación de pago que firmaste sin nada a cambio, pero no se dejen intimidar con dichas amenazas, porque a los que hay que llevar a los tribunales es a ellos por deshonestos, por no vender cosas concretas y reales.
Esa es una de las tantas formas de obtener dinero fácil enganando a otros descaradamente. y quien sera capaz de recomendar dicha empresa? porque fui victima y me da pena que sigan enganando a otros.
N  14th of Oct, 2013 by    -1 Votes
I have a membership with UVC 2 years ago, and always i received great service, also discounts every time we go to The resorts, i can say is The best product in Mexico and very nice Resorts, get your membership AMResorts are The best hotels in Mexico
N  5th of Nov, 2013 by    +1 Votes
My husband and I bought into this membership in March of this year. We regretted it immediately but because we like to travel a lot and liked the Dreams resort we stayed in we gave it a shot. During the presentation they gave us a tour of a beautiful 2 bedrooms suite. We were told that if we bought the membership we would have access to this. We've tried to book a few vacation since and the discounts are never available and they told us that we were not eligible for these 2 bedroom suite. It's a total scam and you get better prices through the internet. We were also told that we could get 25 percent off airfares through ICE ( another vacation club) that was given to us during the presentation. This is not the case either. They totally lied to get us to sign the contract. We gave them a huge deposit and now are stuck paying a monthly fee for nothing. DO NOT BUY!
N  19th of Nov, 2013 by    +2 Votes
We fell into the same situation we realized when we got home they lied about everything. We stopped payment from our credit card company as well. They real red flag came up when they sent us the contract to sign again saying we missed something and now they keep e-mailing after we sent them an e-mail saying breach of contract on their part and pointing out all the discrepancies in the contract. They replied we have the signed contract and you can't cancel. I told them well if it's a valid contract you have of ours why did you send us every document to sign again? Has anyone had any legal action taken against them by UVC? We also didn't give them our SSN so we wondered how they came up with the interest rates we were given plus we didn't trust writing that information down in foreign country. We did this in October this year.
D  17th of Dec, 2013 by    -2 Votes
I have some questions.
You said you receive training but at the same time you said you've work there for just a few days. Training takes at least 1 month. I know cause I worked there also. So now I understand one of the reasons why you are giving half information. I say one of the reason cause I sense true this letter that you feel that you have been neglected, discriminated etc and no one did care to help you in any way. I'm not saying that some things you are writing might or might not be true but you're hurt and this is how you choose to deal with it. By bashing the company. And let's be honest, there are issues in every company, organization and even churches.
D  4th of Feb, 2014 by    +3 Votes
My husband and I joined UVC 2 years ago and have been very happy with it! If you find a great price on Expedia or Travelocity you get 25% off of THAT price. How is that a scam? If you use the membership as intended (a referral program) and refer people you get free nights. My husband and I just returned from a 7 day stay at Dreams Puerto Vallarta where we only had to pay a $20 booking fee. PLUS they were going to upgrade us to the preferred tower, but we wanted to stay in the regular tower with our friends. We love our membership, and when we have the money are planning on upgrading. Hope this information is helpful!
A  14th of Feb, 2014 by    +6 Votes
Why don't we all get together, find an attorney and do something about it?
N  22nd of May, 2017 by    0 Votes
@MIJDM My husband and I would be interested in talking with you.
N  17th of Feb, 2014 by    +3 Votes
I just joined last month and booked my "free" or Premier week at Secrets Capri. I didn't have any problems booking and only had to pay airfare. I just received a promotional email and did some comparison pricing. On average, with the deals I looked at, I would be saving roughly $100 - $250 per night for a basic room (after just a few searches). Then I am supposed to get a one category upgrade. Although I feel like I have been SLIGHTLY mislead in ways, the benefits were made pretty clear to me when I signed up. I only invested $8000 for a Gray Pearl however. I have not tried to exchange with RCI yet, so I do not know how that will go, but even if I do NOT use RCI, thus far, the savings appear to be pretty evident. Every time I have called UVC, they have been very helpful as well. Maybe I am just in denial of a poor decision, but so far, I am pretty pleased. I almost got sucked in to all of the negative comments on here as well...
N  25th of Feb, 2017 by    +1 Votes
@richyt you paid 8000.00 to save a few 100 dollars >>>??? you don't see the scam
i was told that all rooms i book were not going to be more then 512.00 and when i went on the rooms were 3000.00 + dollars
that is a lie and a scam .
N  18th of Feb, 2014 by    +4 Votes
Help! We just bought yesterday under great pressure and feel we were misled and lied to. We want to rescind the contract. Any advice please
N  18th of Feb, 2014 by    +2 Votes
I am pretty sure under Mexican law you have 10 days to cancel any contract. In the contract you signed, I believe it stated that you cannot cancel. However, I believe the law supercedes that. Stop payment and insist they cancel. Judging from the posts, they may make it difficult and apply pressure, but I believe you have a legal right to opt out at this point. Good luck! PS. I am one of the few who doesn't think the club is all that bad. Maybe just naive at this point...
N  23rd of Feb, 2014 by    +3 Votes
Scam or not? And how many days to cancel under Mexican law
N  25th of Feb, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Ed11 they take 10 days to get you the password so that time is up and then they tell you you have to go to DR to fight this .
that is bull
N  19th of Apr, 2017 by    0 Votes
@MYOB66 In our case, the presentation is extremely tiring, you just runned out of energy to think. The problem with latest presentation(2017) is a lot worst, you sign online using an ipad and they will email you your signed copy. When you are on vacation, you don't have easy access with computer, internet or even time to read. The 10 days does not apply to us since when we get back home to get the email, the 10 days is already over. Lesson, don't sign any contract with fine prints, do not leave the presentation without your hard copy signed documents, do not get carried with promises not even in the documents you signed, its hard to see the written promises, if there really is when you are signing using an ipad and you are really tired while you get serve with wine. They don't have hard copies for you to see up front. STAY AWAY.
D  26th of Feb, 2014 by    0 Votes
My wife and I signed up for the unlimited vacation club on our honeymoon at Secrets Maroma in September of 2013. We were extremely hesitant at first but after deliberating for a few hours, we purchased the silver package for 40 years and 500+ nights worth of redeemable nights and two weeks of free nights at any AM brand. We spent a little of $14K for the plan at a 7% interest rate over 48 months with NO early pay off penalty. We usually spend about 2-3K on other secrets vacations, so al the perks and the savings on bookings of at least 25% or more seemed like it is worth it. I spent a few hours crunching the numbers before and reading all the documents over before I signed any paperwork and sat there at the table using their wifi to lookup up the comments and reviews about the club. Most of the reviews were negative but a few positive ones were also listed. After several hours of deliberating and negotiating, we said yes and they popped us a bottle of champagne but I opted for a few shots of Patron instead (hard to come by at a resort).
The break even point happens after about 10 vacations/trips to one of their resorts but keep in mind you will have to pay for airfare separately, so it's kind of a trade off. However they gave us 14 free nights and the plan is good for 40 years of about 2 vacations per year and any of our family or friends can also use the discounts too and can travel with us or separately. I also have been reading that they are also expanding their brands to Aruba and Hawaii in the next few years! SUHHWEET!
I do suggest to make sure you read over all the fine print and understand how this plan works before making a split descion during your vacation. I made them wait several hours on me while I reviewed all the documentation to be sure I understood all of the terms before I signed up for the plan especially since we were in Mexico and not in the states. It seemed like the longer I made them wait, the more they were willing to discount the offer.
Secrets provided a "legal representative" who basically explains the purpose and meaning of every document in the contract (just like the lawyer or rep who reads you every paper when you close on your house). It is definitely an intimidating experience and big investment for sure, but we decided to go for it. We have minimal debt and good credit and we love the secrets resorts; so it made sense for us. The girl who took us on the tour and signed us up at the Resort was extremely nice and never pressured us into anything. She was also about our same age and was very nice to spend the day with. The day after we signed up, we had a special hand written note under our door that said to meet her in the lobby at 2:30PM. We met her in the lobby and she gave us a very rare bottle of aged tequila from her fathers collection and we took a group picture together. She gave us all of her contact info to call her any point in the future when we come back to maroma and she will also show us around the city. I'm sure we paid he salary for a full year, so I was pretty happy that she went out of her way to give us a generous token of appreciation and also several resort coupons. Once we arrived home, we received all of the documentation within about week. All the documentation is very detailed and thorough and all of the promises and terms of agreement were in writing. I received a welcome call the next day and the representative informed me about all of the benefits of the club and to go over again how it all works. She sent me my login info for the vacation club website and instructed me how to use it. The website is very simple and easy to use and they even offer additional promotions above the 25% discounts for members only. They send out the email promotions a couple times per month. They released one of our 14 free nights after every 3rd monthly payment. I just booked our vacation at the new breathless in Punta Cana using the UVC website and it was very simple and it also gave me my free nights that I redeemed. I saved about $975 for the paid nights at Breathless versus what I would have paid using a travel site. The UVC plan will also credit you back any money if you find a price that is lower that what you paid as a member through their website and also beat that price by 25%. I have not had any problems thus far with the club and I have been telling all my family and friends about it and inviting them to travel with us. I do like trying to search around to see if I can turn up a better price but i have not been able to find anything that beats the UVC prices yet.
I see there is a lot of people bashing the club immaturely and I'm not sure why. I would have to assume they did not understand what they signed up for or have buyers remorse after reading others reviews?
My wife and I are in my late 20's and I'm really happy that we have our travel plans available for the next 40 years. Once we decide to have kids, we can take them to family resorts that AM offers too. Thus far I have already saved $975 off of our vacation this year alone and we plan to travel at least once a year for the rest of our lives. I hope this helps anyone out there considering the plan.
A  10th of Mar, 2014 by     Best Advice +12 Votes
Hello all! I am the most recently on this board scammed by UVC. I just purchased into the club the last week in February. As soon as I got home I found out what a rip off it was. I was quoted prices I can't even come CLOSE to while going through their website. I travel 2-3 times a year and always have. They kept me for 5 hours during the presentation promising the moon and stars so by the time I received the contract, I was upset at missing the entire first day of my vacation and had to go find my children. I regretfully signed without going through it line by line because I believed it would mirror all that they told me. I was so mistaken. I contacted both the transfer company purchasing my timeshare and UVC and kept being told my call would be returned in 24-48 hours. Of course this time put me over 7 days of signing the contract. Now, they are stating I will owe 50% of the purchase price (this is in the contract but only enacted if payment is breached which I haven't had the chance to even do yet). I will be contesting the 25% down with my credit card company but it hasn't even been long enough for me to do that yet! I am in the process of filing a complaint with the Attorney General's office here at home but am seriously going to look for a lawyer to take on a class action suit against them if any of you want to join!
N  25th of Feb, 2017 by    +1 Votes
@jae112 hello

i just got scammed too is there any help you can give me as to what happen to you .

Joann email address MYOB66@msn.com
N  19th of Apr, 2017 by    0 Votes
@jae112 I love to, I 'm in Canada, here is my email address: hippo.consultant@gmail.com
Please help.
N  22nd of May, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Irving2017 karenkeefeduffy@hotmail.com
N  22nd of May, 2017 by    0 Votes
@jae112 MY husband and I would be interested in a class action Law suit. karenkeefeduffy@hotmail.com
N  20th of Jun, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Karen Robert Duffy I have same experience and will be interested in a class action Law suit.

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