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Piss Poor Customer Ser

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Altura Credit Union
2847 Campus Parkway
Riverside, California
United States
Phone: (888) 883-7228
Attention Mark Hawkins / President and CEO Altura Credit Union

This is to complain regarding the

On 10-8-10 My Wife made a Deposit of $5, 000 to open a New Account. At the time in the Moreno Valley Branch I was treated with the upmost respect and consideration. Wow!! Hand Shake and Smiles even a Cup of Coffee. 1st Class Bull ###!!!

I was told that we would have to wait (UP TO 9 DAYS) for the Funds to avail. Nice way to welcome $5, 000 Deposit a wait for that long!! Well we decided to do it since we where traveling, however at the 6th day we called to see if the funds could be avail since the check cleared 2 days prior and sure enough (NO RESPECT)!!

The 1st call to the Cust Ser Call Center was a (Joke)!! A lady Jeannine answered more or less (Ghetto Girl from the Hood)!! Rude and Arrogant!! No Class or Manners. This is not overstated

I was disgusted and had to demand a Supervisor (Silvia) which was regret. Who obviously thought she was the Boss!! While the whole time she’s reading a script to explain herself even a 5th grader can do better!!

We just asked for a Balance Check for Funds and her answer was we still had to wait for the 9 Days waiting time doesn’t make any sense at all, while we both where on the phone Silvia decided to Red Flag our account because we insisted on getting some answers.

Silvia blocked our account and made show our ID’s again in the branch because she didn’t like our phone call. What a Joke!!

This Credit Union seriously made a mistake doing that to us. There was no reason or cause to act like that.

I had to call Mark Hawkins (CEO) for this and all they can come up with some Crap about Bank Security and Protocols. So Stupid!! I requested to close the account simply for this lack of common sense and the response I get is lack of care.

Nonetheless I will Never do business again with (###ed Up ### Bank) No Way. Bad People, Bad Business, Bad Customer Service.

Stay Away.


Wesley Benton
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D  21st of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
You are pissed off at Altura for following standard banking practices. You don't say, but I'm assuming you used a check to deposit your $5, 000 - not cash. Otherwise, you wouldn't have had to wait to access your money. What protection is there for Altura if you deposit a fraudulent check and then withdraw money based on it? Nothing.

That's why you have to wait. Otherwise it would be pretty easy for people to deposit fake checks and then get the money - sticking the bank or credit union with the loss. As for your complaint about unprofessional behavior, I take that with a grain of salt.

Your letter is written like a 5th grader's - full of incomplete sentences and mistakes, plus your outrage, which I'm sure you directed at whomever you spoke to at the credit union. Customer service is one thing, but most companies have a policy that an employee does not have to take abuse from a customer. Besides, didn't your mother ever teach you that you get more bees with honey- a good attitude on your part is likely to get you one in return. Grow up. A happy Altura customer.
N  5th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Altura Credit Union IS a joke. I opened an account for my teenage daughter (her first account) and was there to help her in the process. The Moreno Vally branch had a Hispanic, bossy lady at one of the desks arguing with the new, Black, male employee that was on the other desk. She was YELLING at him because of some mistake he had made and was being loud and unprofessional, personally attacking him for being "so dumb". When they FINALLY did get to my daughter and I, the guy was a bumbling mess. He seemed pretty clueless and this was just a bare-bones, ATM checking account for my daughter. I asked him to explain to her the differences in the checking account options (student vs. Regular) and he talked in circles using the term ..."and VERSE VISA" Many, many, times...(couldn't even get THAT term right). ALtura is full of unprofessional dolts and they DO charge NSF fees for anything and everything. My other daughter who was new to banking used her ATM card and the transactions went through and then they charged her over $200 in NSF fees. She thought she had signed up for an account that would NOT approve transactions if her account did not have the funds. Took her WHOLE measly paycheck to pay their ridiculous, embezzled fees! We will be leaving Altura as soon as we make arrangements with the car loan we have with them. They are a pathetic joke in banking.
N  14th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes

I agree with Wes! the Customer Service is absolutely HORRIBLE at the main Branch in Riverside. We have been members for over 6 years and like so many others my husband is out of work and this whole time he has been honest and lets the main branch know when to expect the next payment. Obviously living on EDD and my small income the payments will be late, but they always get the payment. This last month EDD got all screwed up with our payments so we were not able to make the payment on time. We were supposed to get our last check 5/27 on 5/30 he spoke with a lady from EDD and she said she would get it processed. Altura Collections dept called my husband the week of 5/30 and THREATENED to come and pick up the truck when it was not even 45 days late!!! He had told her that we were getting a check on that friday and the payment was being held up b/c of not getting paid by EDD. He then told her that on 6/10 we would be getting tax refunds and would get fully caught up in payments. This is all noted in our notes they have on file. 6/6 there is still no EDD check so husband calls again and the girl never processed check so we were waiting again. On the morning of 6/8 at 2:45 in the morning there was a knock at the door and the repo guys were there to pick up truck! There are 3 vehicles always parked in our driveway and my husbands truck is the last to b driven so there is always a car parked behind his truck. They had the nerve to knock on the door at 2:45 to have us move my sisters car so they can take his truck that he promised would get caught up with payments. The whole house got woken up including my daughters who were crying b/c they were wondering why guys were taking his truck! We were only 49 days late!!! we promised to make a payment! It only got worse as the story goes on. Bottom line is DO NOT BANK WITH THIS INSTITUTION!!! Once we get back on our feet we are quickly going to either pay off loan or transfer it so we dont have to deal with this horrible service any longer. We are good people and if we knew we could not afford a vehicle we would voluntarily bring it in. We had to pay $500 to get our truck back and its $500 we dont have and this all would have never happened if they would have listened to us.
N  22nd of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
Boy does the account above sound familiar. We were approx. 45 days late on our car pay as well. We had been in constant contact with ALtura as we were having financial difficulties recently after my hub had been laid off. He had a new job but we were in process of catching bills, etc. up. We stayed in contact with them and documented each and every phone call and person we spoke with (because it had been our experience that Altura claims NOT to have knowledge when it is convenient for them). We made it abundantly clear that we would catch up all of our accounts within 7 days. This phone call was taken by a gal who was "answering the phone" for the regular loan rep as the other was "busy". Within 2 days we received another two phone calls from Altura pressing us to pay TODAY! I explained once again that there was no way to pay IMMEDIATELY and cited the previous phone calls we had made to Altura to let them know our accounts would be paid in full within the week. The NEXT DAY ANOTHER loan rep called (I asked her why she was calling again as I had just spoken to two other reps in the the last two days)...she obviously didn't know that I had made those calls and didn't care. She also pressed for me to pay IMMEDIATELY and then mentioned repossession of our car if we didn't pay that day. I told her that was just not possible but that our loan would be PAID IN FULL in 5 days when our income tax came in. She went off the line to "see what she could do"...I waited on the line until my phone battery went dead. I could not call her back because it was now after 5:00 P.M (although I sent an email to Altura immedately) explaining the situation. The next day there was a knock on the door at 5:00 in the morning, our car was on the back of a tow truck and the guy is taking it away...I explain to him the phone calls we've made, that we JUST spoke with ALTURA the previous consecutive 3 days to let them know our loan would be caught up in few days. I call Altura and it the loan rep that I last spoke with is on an obvious power trip. She has the wrong information basically the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. I explain to her that they repossessed our car even though our income tax return was due in 4 DAYS and they knew this. Her explanation..."We have to do what is in the best interest of the credit union..." REALLLYYYY? My husband and I go the NEXT DAY to the main branch as our income tax return came in early. They are always EXTREMELY rude with pitiful customer service. These min. wage, apathetic employees that are maybe 20 or 21 are extremely RUDE, patronizing and treat us like criminals. Ask for all kind of paperwork and basically stall until we are unable to pick up our car and it ends up having to sit at the towing place THROUGH THE WEEKEND because of their run-around. We have to pay hundreds of dollars (that we certainly don't have to spare) all because this loan rep (with a major attitude) decided to send out an order to take our car within days of our date to pay the loan payments current. There is not enough space to tell all the details of the poor customer service at ALtura. Suffice to say, the employees of Altura are extremely defensive, there is usually always a disgruntled customer storming out of the branch or loudly expressing their dissatisfaction when you go in person to a branch. (Especially the main branch). Needless to say, we moved our accounts, our kids moved their accounts to another bank as well and we have encouraged many business associated to take their business elsewhere too. BTW...I do think that it's not a coincidence that Altura is closing branches. With such poor customer service and treating it's customers so badly, can they really expect anything less that people leaving in droves?
N  4th of Dec, 2011 by    0 Votes
I would call in and make my loan payments and would later find out they never posted causing thirty day lates. I called the branch and spoke with an endless line of idiots who wouldn't correct the problem. I also had a second mortgage that I rewrote in Nov 2009 due to a short sale on my house. The idiots continued to report the old loan, which was voided by the re-write, as 30/60/90 days late, then a key derogatory on my credit reports. Again, I spoke with an endless line of the most uncaring people I have ever met in my life who told me it's just policy to continue reporting the old loan until they caught up with their paperwork. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, we're just going to ruin your credit because it's policy. It was nothing but a F.U. punishment for them losing money. Has anyone else experienced anything I've mentioned
A  26th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
I just deposited $500 and they put it in the wrong account; really. I had my name and account number on the slip, I write very clear too. No excuse. Then while I am in there I was telling a teller how I am having A little girl and she laughs and says are you sure your not having too, how rude is that. Then when I try to tell her supervisor, i admit I was upset so kind of talking a little loud over to phone and she just hangs up on me, doesnt even give me the time of day. I now hate this place and will never come back to them which is sad sence I have been with them sence I was 16 yrs old and am now 25. They have been getting worse over the years; they feel they are on there high horse and dont need to give at least decent customer service.
N  24th of Apr, 2014 by    0 Votes
I have average credit, I applied for a personal loan to consolidate some credit cards that I ran up paying for my daughters education. I never received a response, so I called a representative who told me that I had to put up collateral for the loan. I informed her that their information stated that this was a "signature loan" based on credit history. She informed me based on my credit scores, 692, 680, 675 I was not qualified. I have been a member for over thirty years, purchased 5 vehicles, one motorcycle, one home, one line of credit to build a pool and now I am not being given any benefit in regards to loyalty, why be a member of a credit union if they act like B of A. I will never do business with them again. I wish it was Riverside County Credit Union again, they were friendly, customer oriented and I remember when I had really bad credit they took my auto loan that was 18% to 6 because they believed in my character.

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