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I am complaining about provident bank

I have been a loyal customer of Provident Bank for over 20 years, I have three direct deposit deposited into my Provident Bank account. I was given 2 debit cards for that account. My issue is 10 days ago my Master Card debit bank card was lost and or stolen I reported it and requested that card be replaced. After waiting for the arrival of my replacement card for 10 days, and it had not arrived I called the back to be told they would not replace that card. I explain the second card is use by my mother with my permission for the care of my child, Household etc. I also explained that it was imperative that I have a second . . please note I have had 2nd card for this account for over 10 years. Question is why was that card not reissue. And please don't say because you're only allowed one card per account, if the account was a joint account I would be issued 2 cards for the same account.

bank customer service / no good security for theft and fraud

Had a really hard time with the Customer Representatives They would not help at all They were Very Rude. Im...

cashing my check

I came in to the bank Friday afternoon to cash my check Im not a customer to the bank I just starting working for Star point and I went to 1553 John f Kennedy and went to the teller her name plate was Something like ameea woods her way of speaking to me was so rude her attitude was unnecessary. She called me to her window I said can I cash my check she said do you have an account I said no we need two ids I said ok I have my drivers iD and what else do you need she said debit and credit card only I said I don't have any of that she said car regration and I said I don't have a car and she looks at me like I was wasting her time and said we can't cash it. I left upset she didn't seem to care and her face expressions didn't help. What if I wanted to open an account later on and she gave me the expression of this is how she treats people who don't bank here.

fraudulent debt collection

A levy in the total amount of $4, 532.33 which includes $125.00 bank fee on my checking and savings acct with Bank of America was placed 6/20/2018 (I was not notified prior to or at time of withdrawal by my bank, any other individual or company of this levy) I discovered my missing funds on 6/22/2018 while accessing my accounts for other purposes. After multiple phone calls to my bank and Southern California courts I was given a court case number and a contact number for Harris and Zide Attorney/Debt collectors who were said to be responsible for the levy. Upon contacting Harris and Zide office I spoke with Marriza Martinez who identified herself as the legal assistant. Upon my inquiry into my missing funds I was told by Marriza Martinez that it was for an Providian Bank account held in 2001, that they sent me three letters, one on 1/27/2015 to a prior address, another 10/4/2017 and 3/7/2018 to my current address that I have resided since 2011, and that I had a judgement from Sacramento Courts that was public records that I could refer to. Marriza Martinez then stated that this was also linked to Palisades Bank who had bought Providian Bank and to another attorney by the name of Wolf. I immediately challenged the information provided as I do not recall ever having an account with Providian Bank and furthermore I have not received any correspondence from Harris and Zide, I could not obtain court information as she stated with the court case she gave me and stated was public record nor could she provide me with proof of service.
I believe this to be a scam and I'm not sure what recourse I have without spending monies to hire an attorney to retrieve money from this company. I am sending them a certified letter for demand of return of my money however I believe this office should be aware of this incident and if it is appropriate to please intervene /assist on my behalf to have my money and bank fees returned.

customer service fraud investigator

Fraudulently my checking account was used. I spoke to both a customer service representative and a fraud...

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Unethical behavior - Don't use them - They are not customer oriented.

I have a business and an escrow account with provident. I noticed that they charged 50 cents to the escrow account which should not be charged any fees(it has other people's money in this account), So I called up customer service and told them that what they did was a no, no. Instead of trying to correct the problem they blamed me and they offered no help other than a manager emailed me a disclosure on why they are entitled to 50 cents. Out of frustration I replied how terrible they are and ended up calling the local branch. To make a long story short, spoke with the bank manager and he promised to call me back before the and of the day, He didn't call until a week later and left a short voice mail to call him. I didn't have the time to call back the same day so I called 3 days later but he wasn't in. Checked my account and noticed the 50 cents was refunded. So I thought everything was ok now. Today I received a registered letter from Provident to notify me that The Provident Bank Has Made A Business Decision to no longer maintain my account. And I have one week to withdraw my money or they will do it for me... What do you think of that. This is all for the 50 Cents. They do not care about customer satisfaction at this bank. ** Go to any bank accept this one. ** I will be calling the Department of banking and insurance and my attorney tomorrow morning. I will not back down...

  • Wine Is Good Jul 29, 2016

    So you lost your account for 50 cents? After they sent you the disclosure that explains the fee, you still complained about it, and you can't see why they no longer want your business? I can.

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they are crooked

They charge overdraft fees when your account doesnt even show it was ever overdrawn, and then when you question why you were charged it when it shows nowhere it was overdrawn, they close your account and ignore you like youre ###... they are crooked, they are malicious, and vengeful for no reason other than just cause they can be and get away with it. They treat you like ###, they dont care about their customers, and they are not honest and have no integrity, theyre sad, and its really sad they can actually do it n get away with it... n they feel nothing bout being crooked and rude and down right mean. They are bullies, dont confront them on their wrong doing cause they will retaliate and put you thru hell. Run as far away from them as possible

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    angry customer 10000 Dec 21, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Went to the site n filed complaint, , , , today they reversed the fee and stopped the closure of my account, thanks zelliej

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Lost or Stolen certificate's of deposit's

My father passed away in aug.6, 2006 and in march/sept. 1980 he deposit $20, 000 in provident's bank in the form of cetificates of deposit's.Upon his death i tried numerous of times to try and retrieve the funds, but to this day they claim that he never deposit the CASH at all, but i have the orignal documentations to prove that they are lying about the funds.I 'am very disappoint inthese people because my father has been doing business with them since i was a small girl.My e-mail address is at the top if there is anyone who has gone through this horrible ordeal please feel free to contact me any time.thankyou and godbless you all.sincerely, angela stokes.

  • Pr
    Provident's Bank Jul 27, 2010

    Hello, my father passed away in aug.6, 2006 and in march/sept. 1980 he deposit $20, 000 in provident's bank in the form of cetificates of deposit's.Upon his death i tried numerous of times to try and retrieve the funds, but to this day they claim that he never deposit the money at all, but i have the orignal documentations to prove that they are lying about the funds.I 'am very disappoint inthese people because my father has been doing business with them since i was a little girl.My e-mail address is at the top if there is anyone who has gone through this horrible ordeal please feel free to contact me any time.thankyou and godbless you all.sincerely, angela stokes.

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Competent bankers....or...just a job??

We have had some real bad luck with Provident Bank in CA. My wife and I both understand that mortgage companies are being more careful nowadays. We're buying our first home and were told within 3 weeks (21-days) that we had qualified and were approved. We had sent in all of the things that they needed, i.e. tax forms, pay stubs, etc. We were very excited. We would drive by the home we were buying almost every day. We kept on being told that we would be closing soon. And then it started. We received a call from the mortgage company that they had lost a couple of pages from our tax returns. What??????? Papers with our social security numbers on them? Are you kidding me? Then they sent inquiry letters to the IRS to verify our incomes. That was cool. But, what do they do? They inquired using our old addresses and my wife's married name!!! They knew that we had recently gotten married. What kind of people are working there? As my real estate agent put it, "they're idiots!!!" We got into the 5th week of the escrow when they told us that our escrow would close between 30 and 45 days. They let us know that they lost some other paper work and then were missing the last pages of our bank statements. You're kidding me, right???? NO!!! As of today, July 5, 2010, we're at day number 56!!! What part of 30 - 45 is 56??? How about 11 days OVER our escrow closing date...
I've come to the conclusion that a lot of people nowadays who work in a lot of different jobs are there for the paycheck and not for the customer service and to do the job right... They enjoy screwing with people's lives. We've been trying to get an answer to that we can get things ready like utilities, trash service and letting our current landlord know that we're moving out...for the 3rd time!!! We're hoping that the bank isn't as careless with collecting our money. I don't know what we'll do if they're calculaor fails...

  • Eg
    eggmanh Jul 15, 2010

    ...Day 65...unbelievable. We're still in escrow...they ask for more documents...they have more questions...this is the 3rd, 4th or 5th time the documents have been given to them...AND, they're still losing statements...

    You make the choice. My choice is not Provident Bank.

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  • Eg
    eggmanh Aug 27, 2010

    ...we finally closed on day 72!!! We pay our first mortgage payment on September 1 and they now tell us that they sold our loan to another bank...They think that they are truly the "winners". In my book, Provident Bank will always be LOSERS...I wouldn't treat my worst enemy the way they treated us...we were "just another number."

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Customer service Dept

I opened an account at an office near my job. The employee was really nice and personable. She was informal but not unprofessional.
When I got home I read some of the paperwork and realized I had a question. The bank employee did give me her number but when I dialed it she was gone for the day. I call the customer service department to ask the question and I was grilled on my personal information. I told the agent that I just had a general question and that she didn't need to bring my account up. She insisted that she wouldn't be able to help me unless I gave her my personal information. Oh my goodness, she need everything short of my blood type. Then when I finally ask the question she tells me something completely different than what the bank employee told me. When I told this agen that the bank employee had given me a different explanation she said " Well then why don't you call her?"
What???? I have been in customer service for many years and it is hard to believe that rude people like this could have "customer service" jobs. I wanted to scream. The next day I call the direct number that the employee had given me and I felt compelled to tell her what happened. She apologized and she told me to please use the direct number going forward. I told her that somebody should do something about that customer service department and she just said "I'm sorry about that, please just give me a call next time" That was very nice of her but what is up with that? I don't know if that customer service is out of state of out of the country but for a "local" bank these two places must be worlds apart.

Bad Customer Relations

My husband and I are buying a condo (we close tomorrow). A WEEK ago we went to our local branch and requested a copy of a deposit slip we needed to show our mortgage company. Mind you when I went to our other bank we have an account in, TDBank, I received it in under 2 minutes. The teller who seemed extremely bored and annoyed we were bothering her said she had to order it from Jersey City because it was in archives and should take "a couple days". 4 days go by and we hear nothing. We called and they said it would take longer. 5 days--called again, its going to take longer. 6 days--the day before closing they finally figured out (after us calling Jersey City on our own) that the lazy lady at our local branch NEVER SENT OUT THE REQUEST. And everyday we called no one had enough motivation to actually call Jersey City to see what the delay was. Now here I am less than 24 hours before my closing and they claim they put an emergency rush on it. 4 hours go by and nothing. We've requested multiple times that our local branch call Jersey City just to see what is taking so long. Maybe they can't find it, maybe they already faxed it but it never went through. All things we'll never know because at my local branch they are REFUSING to make ONE phone call because according to them it "wouldn't accomplish anything". I am livid at their horrible customer service and lack of caring when THEY never sent out the inital request. I will be closing my account with them and urge anyone who is thinking of opening an account to reconsider!

  • Nj
    NJshorebeachbum Sep 09, 2009

    Your lender should have accepted a transcript from the bank showing the deposit. The branch could have easily printed the last 30 days transactions which would have been sufficient. I have been in the mortgage business for over 20 years and can tell you that would have been acceptable.
    For future may want to keep copies of all docs that pass thru your hands when planning to close on a RE purchase...

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Unclaimed properties

I inquired on 11/29/06 about a joint CD certificate purchased @ Provident in the early 1980's. I was told that I had to file a unclaimed property form to be sent to Trenton because the money was not @ the bank any longer. I filed proper form, sent certified mail to Trenton Unclaimed property 11/30/06. As of today, 3/19/07, Trenton still has no record of any claim belonging to me. Provident Bank has told me that they no longer has record of money PERIOD,and that there is no more they can do to find it. They can't even tell me when it was release from bank. I have been to bank many time & made numerous calls.

Provident Bank
Amper Pkwy
Bloomfield, NJ

  • An
    angela stokes Aug 03, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please contact me by phone as soon as possible.443-708-7899

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