Altech Autopage / Billing

Cape Town, South Africa
Contact information:
Phone: 0832277168

I suddenly noticed my phone consuming its battery life within a few hours for some unknown reason. I received an email and then two day later I received a call from Autopage advising of high date consumption. The operator who called asked me to go through the phone settings, which I did and with which there was nothing wrong. An hour later Autopage cut the line without any word or mention of their intention to do so.I had consumed R9700 in data charges. I managed to get a report from Autopage showing date consumption but which does not list any further detail. One could see data usage commencing every hour costing between R300 and R500 a session.
Despite numerous phone calls as well as email messages and despite Autopage's promise to have this issue attended to, I am still waiting for a response 1 month later. This is nothing short of robbery, and the worst service I have ever experience after using this company for some 15 years!!! The worst part of all is that since this is a new contract, I am forced to remain with them for the duration of the contract. Cant I simply had the handset back and cancel this contract???

Aug 12, 2014

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