Alpine Bank / my account was accessed by someone that wasn't me and no one was willing to help

Avon, CO, United States

I received a letter in the mail about non-sufficient funds in my account regarding a withdrawal that I DID NOT MAKE. Attached was a copy of the withdrawal slip, the name on it was clearly not mine, are there no checkpoints here? It seems they just look at account numbers and do not ensure that a photo ID matches the name listed to the account. Alarmed, I called the office and inquired about this and spoke with Shannon, she told me that my account was fine and that the withdrawal didn't happen. I was confused and asked why I would receive a letter then? I was told that she didnt know, I then asked her to take a look at the letter and I was informed she didnt have a copy? WHAT?? They dont keep a copy anywhere on file of what they are mailing out to people? Important bank statements? Seems crazy to me.. I was determined to get to the bottom of this so I offered to scan it and email it to her so she could take a look at it, I asked to be contacted as soon as she figured something out. I assumed something of this magnitude would he a high priority but I was wrong, I was not contacted back for HOURS and tried to get a hold of her again several times. Well that was a fail, so I called again, this time I spoke with Rudy. I explained to him my situation and concern and he replied that whoever I spoke with before must have been working a half day and left... again WHAT?? I called first thing in the morning that is an insane excuse to me when someone feels their account has been breached. Rudy seemed to understand the magnitude of the situation and passed on my info to his supervisor to get a hold of me. Way to go Rudy, too bad his supervisor handled the situation terribly. I was called about an hour later and again told that nothing has been done to my account, but when on the phone with Rudy he said he had been able to see the issue, so now I feel like I am being lied to to cover up their mistake. Edgar treated me as if I was an annoyance and even scolded me for getting "so many people involved". Excuse me? I am concerned for the safety of my money, I am going to get as many people involved until I get this resolved. Not the best customer service. Needless to say this bank is unhelpful, unprofessional, and not secure I will be closing my account and passing on this story to everyone I know. I expected to be consoled and to have this issue resolved and what I got was far from that. I will not be attaching the letter because my account information is on it and I am concerned of the security of this bank. I expect to be fully reimbursed.

Sep 21, 2017

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