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Allstate Insurance / awful service!

1 1001 W. Southern Ave, Suite 202Mesa, AZ, United States Review updated:
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On Dec 27, 2007 I was involved in a auto accident. I was rearended by a 16 year old female driving her parents vehicle. I was stopped in traffic at a traffic light for about 8-10 seconds, when I saw the other driver approaching me at about 20-25mph with no intentions of stopping, I turned and looked her in the eyes at the time of the impact. She was cited for being the cause of the accident, and subsequently went to court and was also found responsible in traffic court.

Since then she has changed her story at least 3 times, and her parents refused to allow her to the authorities, and her insurance company about the accident. My back was injured in the accident, and my truck sustained about $3k in damages along with about $3500 in diminished value (proof from an appraiser), because it was brand new with only about 1700 miles on the it when she hit me. I have also racked up about $10k in medical expenses, have been the chiropractor at least 22 times, had X-ray, and an MRI, and have been through 8 sessions of Physical Therapy, and was found to have some damages in my L3/L4 discs.

Even after all these treatments my back pains refuses to go away, thought it has lessened, but its still there and my daily activities have been limited, and with my recreational activities. Additionally my endurance levels are limited, and I tire easily because the pain gets to bad to continue doing what I was doing.

Allstate has done everything in their power to delay the settlement of the claim, and we are at over 4 months now, going as far as making a total insult and saying their insured is only 25% responsible.. keeping in mind, I was stopped in traffic, she was cited, and found responsible in court.

I was forced to retain an attorney for the medical/injury side, and now am having to get another attorney for the property damages.

My vehicle is still not fixed today.

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  • Ba
      29th of May, 2009
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    Our house caught on fire December 30, 2006. My husband and I were quite sick from carbon monoxide poisoning. Allstate brought out their "preferred contractor" Paul Jacobs of Exeter who stalled the job for 6 months, took off the roof, didn't tarp it right allowed to rain to ruin the hardwood floors. Allstate refused to settle our claim, saying our wiring was antiquated, that the fireplace was old and we didn't maintain it, we only had lived in the house two years and had it inspected and cleaned twice b efore we used it. After a year and the work was nowhere done, it is still not complete to this day and we have had to pay over $107, 000 for the repairs. We finally hired an attorney who costs us $40, 000 and Allstate finally paid $53, 000, so we took them to court. Allstate hired Greg McGregor of Woodland Hilld, CA who brought in as their witness, Luis Vargas of Vargas Construction who lied under oath that we were not even living in our house but our guest house and since Allstate had agreed to pay us $2, 000 per month for one year for additonal living expenses, (we decided to move in the guest house after the fire as we could not find anyone to rent to us, as I had 11 cats and my husband had 6 dogs.) (We rescue animals here in Porteville. Lous Vargas lied and told the Jury, he smiled and winked at them, told them he actually saw me go to bed in the guest house before the fire, I had no reason to as we had everything in our house, two tvs forced air heat and cooling, and it was all remodeled except for the two baths, that we were going to remodel before the fire, one at a time and the kitchen, where we had ordered new cabinets from Home Depot. Allstate even had our adjuster Erwin Kramer say under oath that he didn't remember us living in the house. He drew a diagram in his scope notes that showed the shower exactly as it was in the corner of the bathroom and the toilet in the other, but when our attorney asked him what that was, he said it could have just been pipes sticking up. Allstate brought out a company from Bakersfield called Steammatic who later changed their name to Excel to pack out all our belongings. When I asked the same lady who packed out our belongings and had a record of the three boxes of items packed out of the bathroom that Allstate told the jury didn't exist, she said she remembered using the bathroom, it took them four days to pack out all our belongings from the house that Allstate told the jury we were not living in. The packout listshowed 500 boxes and listed each room they were in. Allstate raped and mugged us. They could only win by lieing. Now they have asked for a judgment of $69, 000 for their costs, not including their attorney fees. Allstate' lawyers deposed every doctor, contractor, etc that we ever met here in Porterville, even deposing the doctor who gave me a colonoscopy, looking for something they could use against us or someone to lie and they were able to when they found Luis Vargas who wanted revenge against us because my husband had made a complaint about the work he had done on our house to the State Contractors License Board. Vargas was paid $5, 000 for a roof that we had to replace the next year after the fire because he used the wrong material and $4, 000 to install windows that he didn't know how to do, so he walked off the job and left them outside. Allstate's attorney Greg McGregor told the jury we refused to take a buyout, even though he knew they never made one, that we held up the job by interfering, we did anything they asked even paying $5, 000 for the roof to get them to finish the work. Paul Jacobs of Jacobs Construction of Exeter, CA, Allstate''s contractor also lied under oath. He told the jury our house was painted flourescent (our office was painted a light turquise) to try to make us look crazy, he told them he waited for 6 months to get an electrical bid from our friend in L.A., who was not a licensed contractor. He said he kept asking us for 6 months when he was coming here. That was all lies. Then he told them that he didn't even damage the floors when his tarp had leaked water from the rain. He lied and told the jury that Mr. Gibbs had told him not to come to the house when we were out of town. We never told him that, he had his lockbox on our gate and when it rained he never bothered checking it and the floors and carpets sat wet for a week and were ruined and the plaster was ruined, later became molded. This is a man who brags about being a Christian and how he teaches Sunday School and then goes on to break one of the ten commandments of God. I am 68 years old and my husband has poor health. We cannot afford to pay the $69, 000 and will lose everything we have worked our whole life for. There is no justice. The banks and insurance companies want all the gold and they will do anything to get it.

  • Ap
      14th of Jul, 2010
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    Oh, my god! this is horrible! I know people who've had the same experience with Allstate.

    In the year 1995 they had two hurricanes at their house and the roof was damaged due to a tree falling on it.
    The workers put a tarp on it, but when the adjuster came over, she moved the tarp and then refused to put it back on!

    It was sunny out but the owner asked it be put back on right, otherwise a rain storm could get inside and damage the house.

    The owner was right. The next rainstorm was a driving one and rain got inside one of the rooms that was NOT damaged and destroyed the ceiling!
    Then Allstate had to pay for that damage to be fixed, even though it was not damage caused by the hurricane, it was caused by their lousy adjuster.

    My friend said it was much easier dealing with the Hurricane itself and all those safety concerns, then it was dealing with Allstate!
    They were Horrible to deal with! So aggravating it was incredible!

    STAY AWAY FROM ALLSTATE! They're crooks and not worth spending your hard earned money with!

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