Allstate Insurance Agent: Matt Radmacher / customer service

Elk Grove, CA, United States

I have been an allstate customer for 17 yrs or so. I have gone to different agents offices to pay bills or get help on policies. I recently opened a homeowner's policy thru allstate at John Chandler's office (in Fair Oaks, CA i think), but I stopped at Matt Radmacher's office in Elk Grove, CA where i have gone for several years to pay my auto premiums. When I explained that I wanted to cancel the policy he stated I had to go to Chandler's office and asked me why I came to him. I stated that his office was close to my work and as it's an allstate policy why does matter which office I go to. He refused to help me and made me feel like I was stupid. He stated that I was not his customer and he closed the computer program, stood up and walked away from me. Truly terrible customer service and will never go there again. He actually made me feel like leaving allstate altogether.

Sep 15, 2017

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