Allstateextremely poor client service representative

I called in the evening around 8:30 P.M CST on May 7th about a billing inquiry. I spoke with a representative named Andrew who was extremely apathetic towards me. He made me feel like an unvalued customer. I had a payment due on May 10th that I was unable to make due to financial constraints. I called to see what my options were. Andrew made me feel like I had no options. I was desperate to find a solution and asked if it was possible to switch from monthly payments to quarterly payments. The true purpose of my question was to start a dialogue about available options. Andrews response was an apathetic "No you can't do that.See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Antonio, TX" I waited for a follow up response such as "But here's what you can do" but only a long awkward pause followed. I became upset and accused him of not caring.
I quickly called in again to complain but found out that since Andrew did open my account a record of our call did not exist. As a result I was unable to voice my frustration that I'm entitled to as a paying customer. Andrew purposely avoided procedures (in this case not asking for my account number even though I noted to him it was odd that he didn't bring it up) to ensure he would not face consequences of providing poor customer service.
This was an extremely disappointing experience with All State.

May 07, 2017

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