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Bait and Switch seems to be a part of Allstate's business model and corporate culture:

I am with GEICO and requested a quote from Allstate a while ago. They could not compete with GEICO but last month I received an "updated quote" which was about $ 80, - less than what I pay for my 2 cars with GEICO. I went to office of the agent who had signed the quote and explained that I was interested. the first lady that I talked to told me that the quote was not from her but from another lady in the office. So I talked to her and mysteriously, she was not able to pull up the quote which she had prepared. Instead she came up with new numbers: about 2 times higher than on the quote. She didn't ask me any questions because she had everything in her computer, from MVD driving records (no accidents), no claims, to current insurance company and current vehicles.

She was not able to come up with any numbers anywhere close to what was quoted. I asked to talk to the owner of the agency who explained that this was a "Generic quote" mailed out by Allstate's headquarters and that she didn't have anything to do with this, despite her signature on the quote. "They mail these out all the time and the numbers on the quote don't mean anything, they could as well put a premium of $ 20, - for 2 cars for 6 months on the quote, these numbers are for illustration purposes only, as you can see in the fine printed part of the quote"

This is classical bait-and-switch, even if the fine printed says "for illustration purposes". The bold letters clearly say "updated quote" and a quote should be calculated somehow instead of a fantasy number. At no point in time the agency owner was able to explain to me why I would not be able to get the premium offered in the quote. There was nothing like a claim, a ticket, additional vehicles etc. This so called "Updated quote" was just something to call my attention and to make me visit the agency to sit in front of one of their sales agents and to listen to her sales pitch: ("You don't want to go with the required insurance minimums...")

May 27, 2015
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  • Di
      3rd of Aug, 2016

    Their service is very poor.I spoke to a person who did not know the first thing about insurance in general and specifically their product.
    I was referred to a website which is just as abtuse.I really would like to see a contract.Is that too much to ask?

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