Allstateallstate will not dispute my accident

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I was struck by a driver who was a client of allstate. I have geico. Allstate driver struck me in the drivers side, and allstate agent marsha roberts, refuses to send an adjuster to go look at my car to see the damages and it was the allstate drivers fault!!! I just want some justice, because it is unethical for your agents to neglect any evidence, and continuously contradicting herself (She is also saying that she isn't receiving my emails, yet I forward it to my gf and she receives it just fine),.. Something is fishy and I will get to the bottom of it. Marsha roberts needs to learn that her opinion does not dispute a situation when she was not at the accident. I have clear evidence that it was not my fault, and she fails to look at the situation. Police department also claiming that they sent me a police report, when they did not. It's neglect of evidence, and neglect of the whole situation because she/ and whoever else simply does not want to do their job. I also tried to speak to her manager and they have yet to call me back. I will keep calling until someone does something about this.



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      Nov 21, 2017

    The photos show quite a scrape. What is your intent as to what it may show?

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