Alliant Energy Corporation / installation of underground electrical utility lines on private property without an easement or proper protocol.

Ames, IA, United States

Alliant Energy has flagged for construction/relocation of electric utility across my front yard and along the front yards of multiple private properties on the east side of South Duff Avenue in Ames Iowa between 3412 South Duff Avenue and 110 Ken Maril Road - 16 properties.
Currently overhead electrical lines exist along the west side of South Duff Avenue and it is my understanding that these lines will be relocated to the east side of South Duff.
The proposed relocation is more costly than locating along the west side of South Duff Avenue. This is due to the fact the run is longer, method on installation is directional boring instead of open excavation, and the utility will cross South Duff at the north end and south end and cross again to reestablish service to each the consumers on the west side of South Duff. In addition, the long term maintenance is increased because there is more infrastructure to manage and maintain, and access to the infrastructure is through private property owners well established plantings. Does this additional, unnecessary cost get paid for by the utility consumers?

Are utility easements required by the Code of Iowa?
Is notification of the land owners required? If so, how and when was such notification provided? What recourse is available?
When should the office of consumer advocate, appointed by the attorney general, be notified/advised?

I have ground source horizontal wells for my heat pump system (residential heat/cooling) that are in the vicinity of the proposed Alliant Energy flags. How do I notify Alliant Energy to avoid any potential damage caused by the construction?

Aug 5, 2018

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