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A year ago I was pulled over for speeding and much to my surprise I ended up getting arrested for Driving with a suspended License. My License had been suspended several months previously without my knowledge and apparently Alliance One had sent me a letter of warning. I didn't have a problem with any of that - I assumed I overlooked the letter - I asked the Officer what I needed to do and he explained that I needed to get my License reinstated which REQUIRED that I pay off the Debt (From a $100 speeding ticket that went to collection with Alliance One)

So the next day I went into Alliance One and gave them $300 dollars -
In fact - Had I NOT - I would not be able to get my License active.
I paid them every dime and went into the DMV and I was good to go.

Recently I got a letter from them about an un-paid parking ticket -- So I called -
While I was on the phone the Operator informed me that I had an outstanding bill --

Guess what that was?

The original one - The one I paid - The one I HAD to pay in order to get my Licesne back.
And the operator made it known or clear to me that unless I paid this again my Licesne would be suspended again.

I was curious if Alliance One is run by the Mob?
Actually I don't want to come down on the Mob (Like the Italian Mob we think of in the Movies)
They seem more classy then Alliance One -
I think Alliance One has a mob mentality. They are white collar criminals that are getting away with red tape/supposed computer errors/ etc.

At the end of the day because they are in business with the courts and the DMV they have extra weight -
I believe this to be un-constitutional in fact.
I plan to take this as far as it needs to go -
All the way until they get hit with a major law suit.


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      Apr 14, 2011

    They would not set up my payment plan although i had called thirteen times, they waited until there three month penelty period to impose an additinal fee. They are thugs.

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