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AllianceOne / Fraud and &intimidation& practices

1 8589 Aero Drive, San Diego, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-877-541-8420

AllianceOne (a collection company for the "govn't" is a company that uses its "power" to get away with fraud and terrorism of the American people and businesses in its accounts.

They use strong arm tactics, they use erroneous "facts" to threaten and frighten the people they intend to collect from and the make errors in the amounts due and then say "sorry", as if they didnt know what they were doing. this is intentional fraud... and they are employed by the federal government who looks the other way to their practices. i am a victim of such criminal action and am looking for others who have also been victimized by them, so that we may file a class action suit against them to correct the grevious wrongs they perpetuate against honest peoples.

My contact info is [protected] for people who have been abused by this company and dont know what to do. It is my intention to file suit against this company with or without others, the charges are fraud and corruption and the RICO act applies. i look forward to any joining me in this action... only valid claims please.

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  • Do
      6th of Aug, 2008

    They are disturbing my by calling again and again and asking for an imaginary person. They are demanding that I am the person they are searching. I am really fed up with them. I have got some more person`s view on this company

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  • No
      7th of Jun, 2009

    Just received a threatening note from this outfit from this outfit demanding that I pay a some otherwise my driving privileges would be suspended. I was puzzled! Start to wonder What was exactly that I may have forgotten?
    Did I fail to make my semi-annual insurance payments? Checked my account, Nope, Insurance had been paid. What could this be?
    So I called them, they wanted to know "How and when I will pay."
    I told them I am not paying anything and I want to know what is it that they are collecting for. They brought matter of citations that I had received in 1995! Yep 10 years ago. But it gets better. I had actually paid the citations, because when I moved to different state I needed to show documents and a court in the previous state had to squash the citations (they did it after I paid). In short Citations were nearly 15 years and PAID!, But this outfit kept harassing me.

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  • Al
      7th of Dec, 2009

    who the hell are these people? it is on my credit report and no idea where it is from. are these parking tickets on a credit report???? WTF?

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  • De
      11th of Dec, 2009


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  • Pa
      16th of Sep, 2012

    This group is as corrupt as they get. I had a CPAP machine that was supposed to be covered by my insurance. As usual, United Health Care did not cover the rental in full ($765 a month) like I was told they would. I asked Rotech to take the machine back because I did not use it and they wouldn't but turned over to Allianceone. They listed the item on my credit bureau report 8 times. One time for each month, but for the same item. This is a violation of the fair credit reporting act and they refuse to correct it. I have turned it over the my State Attorney Generals Office but they need to be sued and closed for these improper practices.

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  • Pa
      17th of Sep, 2012

    While posting your complint make sure you also send documentation to the Federal Trade Commission. They have an active working file on this group. They can fine, and ever charge with commission of crime if the fail to act.

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  • Do
      7th of May, 2013

    ...When Alliance One Rep called, it was a rude man.
    a. By defiinition, I mean he was angry, and assumptive.
    1. He told me "You have NOT had a job in 1 year?" as if he didn't believe me kind of tone
    2. Then he scowled at me, "I'm going to tell them that you REFUSE to PAY! " immediately hanging up on me
    b. What I asked was
    1. What is this about? Since I didn't remember from a long time ago. And I didn't get to discuss payment options because he scowled and hung up on me.
    c. My recommendation, is DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY. And, what is going to happen is it goes to the FRANCHISE TAX BOARD, which is where I will send money to.

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  • Ra
      20th of Jul, 2014

    I am very upset with Alliance One. We paid them in full and now and after 4 or more years it still shows on my credit report.
    Not only once. But 5 times. I am a disabled veteran who served in Vietnam and have lost everything due to medical bills. I believe it shows up on 2 of the three companies credit report. I would like a contact name at the highest level within your organization.

    I am going to report you to Consumer Affairs and FTC. Please email or call me at 772-224-2456. This is by far fraud and unacceptable.
    Randall Dozier

    BTW, The Rotech Rep when we lived in Panama City Beach knew our financial hardship and did not ever charge us. He left the company as he did not like to represent a company with lack of values.

    I would appreciate you removing this from my credit report.

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  • Do
      14th of Aug, 2014

    Alliance one had my wages garnished, 75% of it to be exact. After I had already made payment arrangments with the crooks. They left me at 57 years old homeless, broke, and about to lose my job because of them.

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  • Co
      23rd of Oct, 2014

    This group started calling yesterday, I in turn asked them questions and who they were. They would not give me any information and I then looked this number up. The person on the other end of this conversation was extremely rude, I now know that they are bill collectors but it comes in on my phone ID as a call from the state of california. I have turned this group into the BBB and filed a complaint with the FTC and will be following up with my attorney for harrassment. I told them that my number was on the DO NO CALL LIST and again I received another call from this group.

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  • X4
      1st of Nov, 2016

    The number shoes up with "CA State OF" on my caller ID. I one speaks. I look online and it says it is in reference to tickets. I've not gotten any tickets. They call at least 3-5 times a day.

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